Is SuiteCommerce Right for Your Business? Take a Self-Assessment, Learn Key Benefits

This article was updated May 11, 2022.

In the direct-to-consumer (DTC) business environment, e-commerce has emerged as the biggest growth driver in the worldwide marketplace—making your company’s e-commerce solution a vital part of achieving key business goals.

Integrated, omnichannel solutions like NetSuite SuiteCommerce can provide customer-facing, front-end components of an online business and deliver back-end functions that can streamline consumer experiences and unify core applications.

The following checklist outlines key benefits of NetSuite SuiteCommerce, including:

  • Integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions
  • Questions your omnichannel business can ask to assess its current state
  • Data to help determine future e-commerce growth goals

NetSuite E-Commerce Key Benefits

Streamline Inventory and Order Management

A system like Netsuite’s e-commerce solution can help provide a streamlined approach to managing and fulfilling orders as well as managing several different sales and management channels at once.

Manage orders from:

  • Point of sale
  • Web
  • Call center
  • Mobile

An ERP solution can also provide enterprise-wide visibility into the operations of each location. You could enable a purchase and fulfillment based on more carefully calibrated inventory management.

Additional E-Commerce Growth Opportunities

Implementing an ERP solution could help increase the overall adaptability of your business model while increasing performance monitoring ease.

This can be leveraged to grow the e-commerce side of your business and stay up to date on buyer trends.

Enhance Customer Engagement

A well-rounded e-commerce solution allows you to expand how you manage and approach customer engagement. A central communication hub could help your business create a consistent customer experience that can be customized based on specific needs.

Your ERP solution should have a selection of data analytics tools built in to help you visualize targeted digital marketing that fuels your engagement strategy. You can also streamline your customer service solutions and create personalized customer interactions to help provide your customers with a memorable and positive experience.

Provide Innovative Experiences

Customer acquisition and retention strategies should be data-driven. Collecting that data should be a primary function of the e-commerce solution you employ to target your e-commerce growth goals.

Data-Driven Customer Retention and Acquisition Strategies
  • Ensure inventory is easy to interact with across the platform, including information like source of the item, current inventory, and more
  • Sort through data to discover trends and new strategic customer acquisition and retention approaches
  • Synthesize online and in-store buying experiences
  • Empower sales staff with data that can engage customers
  • Use data to assist and engage customers
E-Commerce Solution Best Practices
  • Design a website that can be accessed on multiple types of devices and browsers
  • Create an attractive and easy-to-navigate online shopping experience
  • Implement innovative data tracking and organization for easy visualization

Netsuite’s e-commerce platform could provide solutions to previously mentioned customer expectations for e-commerce experiences and refine your approach to how you manage the e-commerce side of your business.

The integrated ERP solution within the SuiteCommerce platform provides data analytics and organizational tools that could be used to improve your e-commerce growth strategy.

SuiteCommerce Self-Assessment Checklist

Review the below list to see if your business faces any of the described challenges and could benefit from Netsuite.

SuiteCommerce Self-Assessment Checklist

To download a version of this checklist, click here.

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