Ryan has driven quality improvement within health care organizations since 2013. He specializes in aligning leaders and systematizing operations to execute organizational strategy and has successfully supported multiple high-stake strategy deployment and implementation engagements.

These include the implementation of a sweeping transformation of the behavioral health service programs for the public health department of a major US city, a successful $111 million cost saving strategy for a regional managed care organization, and, most recently, the successful Medicaid recertification for one of the country’s largest skilled nursing facilities.

External Publications

  • "A Glucose-Starvation Response Regulates the Diffusion of Macromolecules. (eLife, May 2016); Editor’s Choice in Science Magazine" (Science Magazine, May 2016)
  • "Correlations of Three-Dimensional Motion of Chromosomal Loci in Yeast Revealed by the Double-Helix Point Spread Function Microscope." (Molecular Biology of the Cell, October 2014)


  • BS, genetics, University of Georgia (summa cum laude)
  • EMBA, Quantic School of Business and Technology, Washington D.C.
  • MPH, University of California, Berkeley
  • PhD, molecular and cell biology, University of California, Berkeley