Lean Health Care

Health care and public health executives face mounting challenges as their organizations strive to excel in a dynamic marketplace that, despite extraordinary stresses, can also provide growth opportunities and innovative ways to deliver better care and outcomes.

Accelerate your organization’s strategy and performance by realizing the value in your operations and developing your people through lean methodologies.

Our professionals provide the management and operations approaches to help you stabilize and streamline current operations, improve quality and safety, improve revenue cycle and margins, and more—so that you can provide greater value and support quality experiences for your patients and staff.

Accelerate Strategy, Engage People

Whether approaching your organization as a cohesive whole or focusing on a specific target area, give your leaders the ability to focus on vital strategic initiatives and get traction moving them forward. Our professionals support leadership teams in the critical work to measurably improve operations, while creating strong foundations for the future—without needing to rely on increasing staff, investing in more technology, or procuring more real estate.

Tackle key organizational issues like:

  • Staffing shortages, turnover, and burnout
  • Patient access challenges
  • Increasing cost pressures
  • Changing payment models
  • Emerging technology options
  • Eroding margins

We provide essential support to leaders who may not have the bandwidth to execute strategies by working with your teams to analyze problems and identify potential solutions. Then, we work with your people to implement change and achieve rapid, sustainable results.

Unleash the potential of your best resource: your frontline employees. Drawing on our deep experience with lean methodologies, our professionals help you find the capacity you already have and put it to better use while instilling the knowledge of how to lead and operate in a way that involves your people and fosters continuous improvement.

Because process improvement and people development happen in tandem, our approach provides a proven way to realize a culture of empowered problem-solving that brings sustained success, improved patient care, improved employee satisfaction and retention—and better margins.

Key Focus Areas

Address your organization’s specific challenges with our lean-based services:

  • Enhance Access. Balance supply and demand and streamline operations to improve flow, increase access, and reduce delays in patient care while easing burden on providers and staff.
  • Improve Quality and Safety. Support your workforce to develop better ways to identify and immediately correct problems and reliably adhere to care bundles and quality standards with.
  • Fix Revenue Cycle. Eliminate waste and delays in the revenue cycle to free up cash flow, reduce A/R days, have a healthier balance sheet, and reallocate people’s time to patient care and other value-adding work.
  • Enhance Electronic Health Record Operability. Reduce unnecessary work for providers and staff while maintaining quality by engaging frontline staff to identify and solve for gaps in the adoption or improvement of E.H.R. systems and streamline use to align with work processes.
  • Support and Develop Leaders. Gain traction on strategic initiatives and maintain alignment between your organization’s daily operations and its mission, goals, and strategic objectives by developing new strategy deployment and leadership practices through Lean Management and Strategy Deployment.

Expansive Health Care and Lean Experience

Our Lean Health Care Practice is led by senior health care industry executives who pioneered the application of lean methodologies in the health care and public health services sectors.

We view challenges from the organizational leaders’ perspective because many of our professionals previously worked in executive roles within the industry—and possess first-hand experience and knowledge of what it takes to pursue your goals.

Coupling lean methodologies with a hands-on approach, we help our clients identify and achieve their goals in accelerated timeframes. We don’t simply provide recommendations, training, or standardized approaches to “lean implementation”; we proactively develop customized solutions, so you’re prepared to embrace and stay ahead of change.

Our one-firm approach allows your organization to tap into the full resources of our firm, integrating guidance and solutions related to other integral support areas including finance, tax, and audit concerns, and other consulting services.

Meet the Team

Meet some of our Lean Health Care coaches: Steve Mattson and Malie Maysilles.

Lean Tools for Health Care

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