Lean Health Care

Health care executives face countless challenges as their organizations strive to perfect their processes and succeed in a dynamic and complex marketplace.

Adopting lean health care practices can help transform your organization and deliver better results because lean leaders take a fundamentally different approach to management—one that’s rooted in respect for people and that empowers clinicians, frontline leaders, and employees to understand and solve problems sustainably.

How Lean Health Care Works

Originally a manufacturing industry innovation, lean was introduced to health care at the turn of the 21st century—emphasizing value to the customer above all else.

Developing a lean management system and aligned strategy deployment can help equip your executives to pursue perfection in your organization’s processes, among all teams. Approaching your organization as a cohesive whole, our professionals coach leaders to unleash the potential of your best resource: the frontline employees and providers who deliver care.

We don’t seek quick fixes. Instead, we focus on envisioning and facilitating improved processes and promoting organizational learning that can help bring sustained success well into the future. By thoroughly examining and deeply understanding your current operations, you can determine how to enhance processes, thereby helping achieve higher quality, shorter waits, lower costs, increased efficiency, and more.

Deep Industry Experience

The Lean Health Care Practice of Moss Adams was founded by a group of senior health care industry executives who pioneered the application of lean methodologies to improve delivery of health care services.

Today, our practice offers a unique combination of former senior health care executives, clinicians, and managers who coach leaders to create a culture of kaizen—or continuous improvement. This helps develop and enable frontline leaders and employees to solve problems and aligns the entire organization to relentlessly improve value for patients.

Our lean-certified team has served in top hospitals and health systems across the country—as well as auto, airline, and other service industries. We know the challenges health care organizations face because we have overcome them in our own professional experiences, and successfully guide our clients on similar transformation journeys.

Lean Services

Our professionals can help transform your organization through a variety of services including:

  • 3P & Innovation. Transition smoothly when undergoing significant organizational change or introducing new processes.
  • Lean Management and Hoshin. Align your organization's daily operations with its mission, goals, and strategic objectives.
  • Lean Operations. Introduce a sense of continuous improvement and provide support for leadership through in-depth training and workshops.
  • Quality and Patient Safety. Learn to develop better ways to identify and immediately correct problems in your complex and variable workflows.
  • Lean Subscription Service. Gain virtual access help transform your organization through our customized lean coaching, tools, and materials.

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Meet some of our Lean Health Care coaches: Shaunté Kinch, Steve Mattson, Malie Maysilles, and Joanna Omi.


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