2019 Northwest Construction Industry Salary Report

Better Data for Better Decisions

Gain Industry Insight

Our annual Northwest Construction Industry Salary Survey tracks compensation metrics and trends for employees of all levels across the Northwest region—including Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Montana.

These insights are compiled into a report with more than 30 pages of data to help you make better-informed decisions about your business. It’s published in partnership with Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Washington, Inland Northwest AGC, the Oregon–Columbia Chapter of the AGC, Idaho AGC, and the Montana Contractors Association.

The report will be available October 2019.

Survey Now Open

Through June 21, 2019, we’re gathering data from companies across the Northwest—and we need your insight.

As a thank you for taking our brief survey, we’ll provide you with a copy of the report before it’s officially released, giving you the opportunity to start benchmarking before the competition.

About the Survey


We’re committed to protecting your confidential information. That means the Northwest Construction Industry Salary Report won’t include references to your company name or other company-specific or related party-identifying information. Instead, the report will aggregate your data with information from other companies also participating in the survey.

We use a third-party service provider to collect our data, and we require that any service provider maintain the confidentiality of your information. The Northwest Construction Industry Salary Report may be made publicly available.

Time Commitment  

The survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, and it includes the option to save unfinished answers and return later.


Participation is open to construction companies operating in Oregon, Washington, Montana, and Idaho.

Survey Content

We recommend having the following information on hand:

Company Information
  • Annual revenue
  • Current number of full-time-equivalent employees
  • Union status
  • Primary contractor type, such as general contractor or electrical
  • Primary construction type, such as commercial, heavy or highway, or residential
Compensation Information
  • Average annual-base salary and incentives or bonuses for all roles within your organization, categorized into entry-, mid-, and senior-level positions
  • Compensation strategies
  • Benefits

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