Organizational & Operational Assessments

Transform Your Organization’s Performance

Strategically improve your organization’s performance—enhancing value to your employees, constituents, and other stakeholders—while making your organization a more efficient, productive, and fulfilling place to work.

Proactively set up your organization to act on and achieve its goals—whether organization-wide or focused on a department, program, or function—with a deep assessment of your people, processes, and system components.

Methodically manage change initiatives within your organization through guidance that helps identify challenges and implements strategies needed to overcome barriers and move towards achieving desired future outcomes.

Comprehensive Focus Areas

Align your organization’s thinking, assumptions, strategies, and goals with factors critical to success—such as organizational structure, processes, capacity, stakeholder needs, culture, and more.

Improve organizational alignment with your strategic direction as our professionals assess management practices, staffing levels and skills, technology, training and development, coordination and communication within and across functions, internal controls, and more.

Develop strategic insights with diagnostic tools that provide an overview of organizational strengths and areas for improvement. Strengthen decision-making with recommendations that draw on industry-specific strategic practices from our specialized team.

Enterprise Risk Assessments

Understand and manage risk areas through a structured process that evaluates risk across your entire organization. Identify and rate risks across exposure areas including financial, operational, technology, human capital, compliance, governance, strategic, and reputation.

Prioritize and manage risk exposures as a comprehensive risk portfolio, rather than in separate silos across the organization. Instill risk management into day-to-day operations of the organization to avoid surprises and be more responsive to unexpected incidents.

Foster confidence in governing bodies, constituents, and employees that risks are properly managed.

Financial Operations Transformation

Streamline, update, automate, and transform your finance and accounting processes with comprehensive operational and process assessments that can help avoid difficulties internal teams encounter if there are delays in financial close and obtaining financial reports.

Develop tailored controller solutions that fit your organization and culture—leaving your team confident and supported with financial reports that empower informed decisions.

Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness Analysis

Assess key functions crucial to operations—whether focused on the organization as a whole or on a specific department, program, or process.

Assessments can help:

  • Strengthen governance
  • Align operations with organizational goals and objectives
  • Enhance management and operations
  • Improve employee morale and retention
  • Identify and mitigate organizational risks
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery
  • Leverage business intelligence to monitor and communicate progress towards achieving goals

Your organization should consider an assessment if it faces or anticipates the following scenarios:

  • Upcoming organizational changes related to people, systems, strategy, or budgets
  • Ethics or other community, customer, or stakeholder concerns about people or processes
  • Resource constraints
  • Recent system implementations
  • New leadership
  • Significant changes in the demand for critical services

Organizational Assessments

Utilize relevant, actionable observations and guidance to improve your organization’s people, processes, and systems. Examine and evaluate how these factors work together in support of your goals, efficiency, and service delivery.

Create a new alignment of organizational components to support a fresh strategic direction or to respond to external influences. Prioritize high-impact, high-value recommendations that scaffold together to generate efficiencies as you transition to implementation.

Diagnostic assessments are especially useful when significant changes occurred or you’re looking ahead to future changes such as:

  • Leadership transitions
  • Redefined roles and responsibilities
  • Budgetary shifts
  • Updated policies and procedures
  • New technology implementation
  • Department restructuring

Staffing Analysis

Identify potential efficiencies leading to cost savings or develop scalability for a growing organization through an independent and thorough analysis of your organization’s staffing structure.

Evaluate current operating structures in relation to your organization’s goals and anticipated future state for recommendations in the following areas:

  • Restructure departments, teams, or functions to improve efficiency and build capacity
  • Assess reporting structure to align with organizational strategy
  • Compare staffing levels against industry practices
  • Determine cost-benefit of outsourcing specific functions

Process Improvement

Promote growth, profitability, and competitive advantage organization-wide by making improvements through:

  • Process mapping and design
  • Process redesign
  • Manual processes and controls automation
  • Process standardization

Through robust stakeholder outreach and input from key process owners, participants, and customers, and process-mapping work sessions, improvements can help:

  • Evolve demands for service
  • Provide accountability to leadership and key external stakeholders
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities
  • Strengthen system potential
  • Improve efficiency, effectiveness, and service delivery
  • Elevate the customer experience

How the Process Works

Understand your organization’s current environment with a highly collaborative approach that uses qualitative and quantitative engagement tools.

Develop actionable observations and recommendations with qualitative and quantitative engagement tools as typical engagements include a four-phase approach:

  • Start-up and Management. Create a work plan that outlines project scope, approach, and timeline. Determine management members to interview or survey, documents to review, observations and walk-throughs to perform, when and how results will be shared, and how project status will be reported.
  • Fact-Finding. Obtain the most current information available—and insights from your organization and selected stakeholders—through fieldwork including documentation review, walk-throughs, observations, interviews, and surveys.
  • Analysis. Evaluate the importance, impact, and scope of fact-finding observations to develop recommendations for operational improvement. Leverage strategic practices to inform assessment. Conduct peer benchmarking to provide comparative data from similarly situated organizations.
  • Reporting. Develop a detailed action plan with communication of observations and recommendations through draft- and final- reports and presentations.

Expansive Tax-Exempt Organization and Operational Experience

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals provide solutions for an expansive range of organizations, including tax-exempt entities in government services, higher education, not-for-profits, Tribal and gaming, and power and utilities.

Our team has significant experience with the complex business and technical structure of public sector clients. We understand the requirements of public sector agencies and programs, as well as the intricacies involved in the diverse needs of various customers, departments, and stakeholders in a resource-constrained environment.

This breadth of experience means that we understand your operations and are better positioned to provide actionable, realistic recommendations that draw from strategic practices and lessons learned from other organizations similar to yours. Strategies are tailored specifically to the nuances, external factors, and available resources of your industry—as well as to your organization’s unique needs, community, and mission.

Collaborating closely with your leadership, we facilitate processes that match our professional recommendations with your tangible organizational experiences and insights.

Instead of providing templates or toolkits, we develop and customize appropriate solutions that will help build up your organization and provide foundations for long-term success—so you’re prepared to embrace change and pursue organizational goals.

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