How to Navigate New Cost Report Instructions and Exhibits

Presented on:
November 30, 2021 10:00 AM PT
1 hour

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued proposed rulemaking in November 2020 that affects current Medicare cost report submissions. The new requirements affect a range of cost report topics, and includes new templates for reporting Medicare bad debt, Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH), and Worksheet S-10 charity care and total bad debt.

Considerable documentation is now required, and the templates will impose a heavy burden on providers. Join us for our on-demand webcast to learn about the increased complexity associated with the preparation and submission of the Medicare cost report. Key topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Challenges and best practices in obtaining and reporting newly required information
  • The current reimbursement landscape and how recent audits impact how hospitals should complete cost reports with respect to these new requirements
  • How these changes will drive significant provider reimbursement
  • The consequences of failing to comply with new requirements


Heather Keser, Manager, Moss Adams

Heather has worked in hospital government reimbursement since 2011. She provides Worksheet S-10 services to hospital clients ranging from small rural facilities to large corporate hospitals systems.

Jonathan Mason, Director, Moss Adams

Jonathan has worked in health care finance since 2004 with a concentration in government reimbursement. He currently focuses on Medicare DSH and Worksheet S-10 engagements for hospital clients ranging from small rural facilities to large corporate hospital systems. His experience includes preparing Medicare DSH and Worksheet S-10 data for initial and amended cost report filings, reviewing and drafting hospital financial assistance policies, and overseeing Medicare DSH and Worksheet S-10 audits and appeals.

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