Buy with Confidence

Hands-on, collaborative support can help lead you to successfully integrate an acquired business or implement a joint venture while navigating potential issues and pitfalls.

If you’re contemplating growth and consolidation through an acquisition, there are many aspects to consider.

While parties on both the buy- and sell-side will need to take some of the same steps beforehand, actions to consider on the buy-side include:

  • Preclose due diligence management, including integration, synergy, human resources, operations, and IT assessments
  • Synergy identification, prioritization, and planning
  • Program management office mobilization, program execution, and support from diligence through transformation
  • Preclose merger planning
  • Organization design and functional operating model development
  • Planning and execution spanning 100 days
  • Business readiness and stabilization
  • Functional integration, including tax, finance, accounting, information technology, operations, and human resources
  • Synergy project execution and business transformation

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