Virtual 2020 Building Opportunity Conference

Please join us for our Virtual 2020 Building Opportunity Conference for insight into current challenges facing companies operating in the built world.

This multiday event will cover how COVID-19 is shaping the landscape of cities and infrastructure, economic impacts of newly passed bills, business planning in an election year, and post-election tax planning and considerations.


COVID-19’s Implications for Cities

Join us for insights on how cities are changing—especially due to COVID-19—and how your company can remain fluid during the transition. 


The Shifting Economy, Capital Markets, and Commercial Real Estate

Discover implications of shifts in the economy, capital markets, and commercial real estate as the country begins to recover from the pandemic-related economic shutdowns and goes to the polls with several real estate-related ballot measures in play.


Residential Investor, Developer, and Ownership Trends

In this panel, we’ll discuss the current state of residential real estate and what’s in store for urban infill and suburban development. Additionally, we’ll touch on how new regulations, financing, rent control, and capital markets may impact your real estate strategy.


Post-Election Economic Considerations

This session will provide actionable information on opportunities and challenges to help with planning for the next year. We’ll review the current state of the national and local economies and discuss items to consider for the path forward.


Tax Planning Post-Election

With the election over and tax changes happening, this session for the real estate and construction sector will review candidate’s tax plan and compare to current law, discuss tax planning opportunities should the candidate’s tax plan be enacted, and highlight recent changes to tangible asset incentives.


State and Local Tax Opportunities

This session will cover state tax law developments and trends as a result of the recent election and what to expect in upcoming legislative sessions. We’ll also highlight recent state and local taxes that could impact your business in specific jurisdictions.


Pivoting in Uncertain Times and Designing for the Future

Construction, real estate, and architecture companies have had to pivot quickly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this panel, we’ll hear from industry leaders on how they have remained nimble in times of disruption. We’ll also look around the corner on the changing landscape of construction and design, discuss what the future may hold for building, and cover how people may use space.


2021 Planning Strategies for Construction and Real Estate

Planning for the future can be challenging even without a pandemic. How can companies best position themselves for success in 2021 and beyond?

Join us for a session covering observations and tactical planning strategies that construction, real estate, architecture, and engineering companies can deploy to help bolster their approach to estate planning, liquidity, cash flow, and IT and cybersecurity.

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