Succession Planning

Preparing for Change

For privately held companies, succession planning is central to the longevity of your business. Whether you plan to sell your company (or otherwise transfer ownership) now or in 20 years, having a plan in place helps you in many ways: Among other things, it can inform lenders who seek assurance of business continuity, provide incentives to key members of management, and structure a future transaction so that the business can fund your retirement without sapping its cash flow.

Yet despite these benefits, many business owners put off planning for succession. After all, there are pressing day-to-day business challenges they feel they need to address. This is understandable, but the absence of a succession plan can put your business at risk.

On the other hand, if you plan things right, you can achieve your succession goals, increase your business’s future value, and expand your hard-earned wealth. We can help you navigate a succession plan and discover new and better opportunities to cultivate the future of your business as well as your personal wealth. Regardless of where your company is in its life cycle (start-up, growth, or maturity), we can work with you to customize a comprehensive succession strategy, including:

Business Financial Planning

To grow assets and strengthen the future value of your business, we help you define and implement a strategic direction and explore ways to improve financial management, examining your expenditures and helping you get a better grip on cash flow and budgeting.

Personal Financial Planning

Meticulous planning is essential to achieving your personal financial goals, whether they involve personal income tax planning, wealth planning, or retirement. We develop a practical, comprehensive plan that reflects your goals, helping you build net worth.

Management Succession Planning

Few things are more important than recruiting, retaining, and training talented individuals to serve as your successor and one day manage the company. We help you plan and implement succession strategies customized for your company’s needs by providing a framework for you to assess existing managers, other employees, family members, or outside choices to determine the right successor candidates.

Estate Tax Planning

An effective estate plan allocates your wealth according to your wishes and in a tax-efficient manner. We use multiple financial strategies and planning instruments, providing insight on gifting and ways to protect and transfer assets, including your business ownership interests, to help safeguard your legacy and reduce your estate tax burden.

Ownership Transition Planning

When it’s time, we help you evaluate your choices and execute the right exit strategy—all while helping you sustain the value of your business, reduce corporate and personal taxes, and align the transfer of ownership with your personal estate and investment plans.


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