Forum for Women

Forum for Women

Forum for Women

Learning new skills. Building a strong career. Contributing to the firm’s success. These are things every employee wants to do, and Forum W’s job is to help increase those opportunities for women.

Women have been historically underrepresented at the top levels of the accounting profession. Since Forum W launched in 2008, women are increasingly making their way to top spots across the firm, and Moss Adams now has more women partners than the industry average. But we’re not stopping there. Forum W is about valuing diversity, paying it forward, and changing the industry from the inside out.

Since we began our efforts in 2008, we’re seeing our culture transform. Forum W is creating a more inclusive environment focused on diversity in leadership, with a keen focus on developing our talented women. By investing in Forum W, Moss Adams and our clients benefit from highly talented women who are engaged in their careers.

Forum W hosts professional development, networking, and mentoring activities to help women at Moss Adams make connections and develop their skills. Our efforts include producing helpful and relevant resources for women, and men in our firm, as well as the industry as a whole, all of which support Forum W related activity.

Accounting Move Project

A key sponsor of this groundbreaking national study aimed at providing insight on women in the accounting profession, Moss Adams is pleased to play a role in providing our profession with greater access to the drivers of advancement and retention of women in public accounting.

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Forum W Annual Reports and Videos

Learn about where we’ve been and where we’re going in our Forum W Annual Reports and Videos.

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Path to Success Series

The Path to Success Series addresses three Forum W priorities: mentoring, networking and community service, which are critical to the development and advancement of women.

  • Path to Success: A Guide for Mentors and Protégés provides practical tips for developing and maintaining successful mentoring relationships. It covers the roles and responsibilities of both mentors and mentees as well as how to build a personal board of directors, choose a mentor, and hold effective meetings.

  • Path to Success; A Guide to Building and Leveraging Your Network is an easy-to-use resource providing practical steps to help you expand your personal network into meaningful networking relationships. Research shows building relationships through a vast and diverse network positively impacts advancement.

  • Path to Success: Investing in Your Career by Helping Others walks you through how volunteering in the communities in which you live and work develops important skills and relationships helping you advance your career while contributing to a cause you’re passionate about.

Women's Network Guide

We’ve learned a lot since launching Forum W, and we’re excited to share our strategy and experiences to help other organizations get a jump-start on creating more opportunities for women to advance their careers.

Link by Link: A Guide to Forming a Women’s Network at Your Organization is an easy-to-use resource that can help you get started.