Forum for Women

Forum for Women

Forum for Women

Learning new skills. Building a strong career. Contributing to the firm’s success. These are things every employee wants to do, and Forum W’s job is to help increase those opportunities for women.

Women have been historically underrepresented at the top levels of the accounting profession. Since Forum W launched in 2008, women are increasingly making their way to top spots across the firm, and Moss Adams now has more women partners than the industry average. But we’re not stopping there. Forum W is about valuing diversity, paying it forward, and changing the industry from the inside out.

Our Mission

Forum W’s mission is to help the firm attract, develop, retain, and advance talented women.

For us, the business case is clear: women represent a sizable portion of our talent base. If we fail to cultivate their careers, we forfeit our investment in that talent—and disrupt our ability to provide the level of service our clients have come to expect from us.

What’s more, women are increasingly the leaders and owners of the organizations we serve. Since the gender mix of the business world as a whole is shifting, it’s incumbent on us to match that diversity. This is a huge advantage, allowing us to draw on different perspectives to not only promote innovation, but also connect with an increasingly diverse customer base. Doing so will increase our clients’ comfort level with us and help us be more competitive in the marketplace.

Our Priorities

Forum W focuses on four key priorities:

  • Individual Impact. Encourage women to take ownership of their career, and create practical ways partners can engage in women's development and advancement.
  • Policies and Processes. Create a more intentional process to identify candidates and fill leadership roles.
  • Renewed Focus. Refresh and reinforce the business case for Forum W.
  • Reputational Growth. Use external event and recognition to expand Forum W's impact in the marketplace.

The 2016 Forum W Annual Report features some of our most recent achievements.