International Assurance Services

US-based organizations with operations abroad face the challenge of finding a qualified auditor to conduct their statutory audits, a task that’s easier in some regions than in others. Those with multinational operations are also faced with the difficult task of managing each statutory audit individually—negotiating fees, coordinating timing, and ensuring consistent results across subsidiaries. Meanwhile, you have a business to run.

At Moss Adams, we understand the challenges of doing business internationally. In addition to being IFRS-ready and consistent with international auditing standards, our international assurance professionals have developed close relationships with contacts at like-minded audit firms in regions across the globe. You’ll benefit from coordinated services delivered by a consistent team that’s ready to address your needs and provide expertise exactly where you need it.

Our Approach

Our global assurance leads have developed close relationships with qualified audit firms in distinct international regions and will act as the main point of contact for you during your engagement, coordinating both your domestic and international service needs. Your Moss Adams lead will handle:

  • Identifying and engaging international firms to complete statutory audits in each country where you have operations
  • Negotiating worldwide fees for your combined audit work
  • Communications with on-the-ground assurance teams working on each of your statutory audits
  • Ensuring consistent reporting packages and methodologies for all your audits
  • Coordinating statutory auditors so they aren’t duplicating efforts

In addition to your international needs, you also have highly technical, specific challenges related to your industry’s unique regulatory environment. Though coordinated by your international contact, your US audit will be performed by senior-level professionals dedicated to your industry.

Our Global Alliance

The world's largest alliance of independent accounting firms and the sixth largest of all global accounting associations, Praxity, allows us to tap into the knowledge of skilled accounting firms and practitioners, with over 76,000 professionals in more than 120 countries around the world—an invaluable resource for US companies seeking to embrace global business opportunities.

Contact Us

For more information about our international assurance services, contact Todd Van der Wel, International Assurance Lead. Or reach out to an assurance professional with expertise in your operating region:

Todd Van der Wel | North America
Email | (310) 481-1206

Eric Balentine | Europe, Russia & the Middle East
Email | (503) 478-2152

John Donohue | Asia Pacific
Email | (503) 478-2157

Jason Lawson | South & Central America
Email | (310) 295-3795