Press Release

Moss Adams Appoints Jen Wyne as Chief Talent Officer

Wyne brings over 30 years of people management experience to the new role.

SEATTLE, June 6, 2023—Moss Adams, one of the largest accounting, consulting and wealth management firms in the nation, appointed Jen Wyne as the chief talent officer (CTO).

Wyne brings over 30 years of people management experience to the new C-level role at Moss Adams. As CTO, Wyne will elevate the firm’s approach to attracting, developing, retaining and engaging a talented and diverse workforce.

“Core to our culture at Moss Adams is putting our people front and center. Doing so drives the results our clients have relied on us to deliver for over one hundred years,” said Eric Miles, chairman and chief executive officer for Moss Adams. “Our people experience plays a vital role in the quality of our work. Adding the CTO role will solidify our focus on our workforce as we evolve and grow as a firm.”

More is being asked of accountants, auditors and financial service providers than ever before. Ever-changing tax legislation and standards add ongoing complexity to the profession. These factors, combined with a competitive landscape, decreasing talent pipeline and technological disruption, heighten the need for the CTO role at Moss Adams.

“Transforming the people experience to reflect future needs and the evolution of the profession with a strategic talent focus will be key to the firm’s success,” said Wyne. “Leading the team through this vital transformation is the challenge in front of me as CTO, and I look forward to continuing the work we’ve already started.”

Wyne will be responsible for strengthening the firm’s award-winning culture to further match marketplace needs with the firm’s vision. She’ll serve as a strategic business partner, evolve the human resources function into a strategic talent management function, drive enterprise talent management practices and further the firm’s inclusive, coaching culture.

Wyne has been with Moss Adams for over 10 years, serving as director and executive director of human resources prior to her promotion to CTO. Her institutional knowledge, deep familiarity with the professional services industry and passion for the people side of business makes Wyne ideally suited for the role.