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Owning Their Career: Bethany Phillips

Motivated by a challenge, this assurance professional uses innovation to inspire and accelerate her career development.

Bethany Phillips

Bethany Phillips (she/her) has embraced new experiences throughout her life. When she saw a meeting on her schedule labeled Innovation while interning at Moss Adams in 2019, her ambitious nature was prepared for anything.

“I had no idea what it was,” Bethany said, now an assurance senior in Moss Adams’ Portland location. “They assigned a couple of us to an innovation project where I was introduced to automation. I enjoy a challenge and it was something new to learn, which was fun.”

The firm’s innovation team, comprising professionals across service lines, engages our people and technologies to identify problems, test ideas, and improve efficiencies that drive the firm forward to meet current and future needs.

Innovation rotations are short-term assignments dedicated to learning and performing innovation work, using new technologies and problem-solving strategies. Participants form and test ideas to improve the way work is done, while continuing to carry out their regular job responsibilities.

In 2022, shortly after Bethany joined the firm as a full-time employee, she applied to join a rotation. She initially wasn’t added to the group due to high application volume, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing the opportunity.

Bethany took the initiative to start conversations with innovation team members, ask questions, and express her interest, and those efforts paid off—she was added to the group. “I just started talking to people to see if I could still get involved,” says Bethany, “and that’s how I got in.”

Stepping Out of Comfort Zones

Bethany believes her passion for new experiences was shaped by her educational background and love of traveling.

Although she grew up in the United States, Bethany was born in the United Kingdom. Visiting her family there inspired her to explore Europe, including France, Spain, and Switzerland. In school, she surrounded herself with peers eager to learn new things, and later studied in the United Kingdom, which also served as a sort of homecoming.

“Being in a new place, getting to explore new cultures, and living life differently—this is what excites me about traveling,” Bethany said.

Bethany Phillips
New Skills, Connections, and Perspective

At Moss Adams, continuous education is something Bethany gets in her everyday role, and the innovation program has opened the door to learn and experience even more.

Her biggest learning moment came from her contributions to the development of an automation-based application, which is now being used by our professionals in the employee benefit plan field. Through that experience, Bethany gained knowledge in advanced automation software and random sampling methodologies, two skills she believes will prove valuable in her career.

As a cross-functional program, she’s also been able to expand her internal network of colleagues through innovation.

“The learning piece was great,” Bethany said, “but it’s been exciting to meet and work with people across the firm who are incredibly intelligent and doing very cool things.”

Bethany believes the work our innovation team is exploring can change the way Moss Adams serves clients, for the better.

“When we can automate small and repetitive things, we can turn our attention to what’s important, like strategic thinking for our clients, which will help them in their world.”

Bethany Phillips
An Eye Toward the Future

Outside of work and traveling the world, Bethany enjoys hiking, reading, spending time with family, and exploring the greater Portland area. Another interest—crime stories—might pave the way for a similar, yet different occupation in the future: forensic accounting.

“I’ve always been intrigued with crime stories and learning about criminal behavior,” Bethany said, “so if I had the opportunity to combine my accounting skills with my interest in the criminal mind, that would be amazing.”

Go Beyond the Desk

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