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Cultivating the Next Generation of Accountants

Moss Adams is committed to working with faculty to help the next generation of professionals excel in the field.

The accounting profession is different from what it was 20 years ago. These days, more is being asked of accountants due to expanded client needs. Up-and-coming accountants will need to adapt with new skill sets to keep up with the evolution of the industry, and CEO Eric Miles is committed to making sure Moss Adams can help.

In August, Eric and nine other team members attended two annual meetings to connect with faculty preparing the next generation of accountants. As part of our sponsorship of these events, our people networked with faculty to establish a partnership and address the current shortage of accountants.

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Evolving to Excel

At the Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) annual meeting in Las Vegas, seven Moss Adams team members hosted the Project Run With It competition and sponsored a faculty advisor breakfast to address shifts in the accounting landscape, which include expanded client needs and artificial intelligence (AI).

During the breakfast, Eric hosted a fireside chat with the BAP board of directors and nearly 150 faculty to discuss the evolution of skillsets needed to be successful in the profession. Eric said, “The industry as a whole is facing a shortage of candidates, and the only way to solve this problem is for universities and firms to work together, which I know faculty sometimes feel is not happening. Moss Adams is in their corner and wants to be a partner. We’re supporting faculty and students alike so the industry can thrive.”

Melissa Harman, a partner in Los Angeles who introduced Eric during the breakfast, says the fireside chat was well-received.

“Faculty are worried that without adequate preparation, students may struggle to find employment or face difficulties adapting to the demands of an AI-driven industry,” Melissa said. “With a proactive approach, academia and industry can collectively ensure students are well-prepared for the future of the industry while navigating the evolving landscape of AI.”

Diversifying Our Efforts

Moss Adams also was a first-time sponsor and attendee at the American Accounting Association’s annual meeting. Kinman Tong, a partner in San Francisco, spoke to faculty about the firm’s commitment to providing opportunities for students from marginalized backgrounds.

“Inclusion and belonging are critical for our success as a firm because our people are our future,” Kinman said. “There are so many faculty invested in advancing inclusion in the accounting world, especially those who seek to solve for the low representation of Black and Latinx professionals.”

In alignment with Eric’s mission to build a pipeline of talent in the accounting industry, Kinman presented the firm’s actions to ensure the next generation of accountants are recruited from underrepresented communities.

 “We’re recruiting thoughtfully where we can find a diverse pool of talent, such as historically Black colleges and universities and minority-serving institutions,” he explained. “We also have been more intentional in what some may refer to as personalized career coaching, or mentorships and sponsorships to address what each professional needs.”

People posing for a photo at a conference

Creating Lasting Opportunity

Melissa says the firm’s investment in comprehensive development programs for new hires, and real-world collaboration between industry professionals and student interns, is helping to equip future accountants with the technical skills and ethical knowledge needed to excel in a rapidly changing industry.

“Moss Adams is cultivating a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability so accountants are well-prepared to handle emerging trends and protect the integrity of the industry,” Melissa said.

Empowering the Next Generation

Moss Adams is committed to cultivating the next generation of talent in our industry. We’re working hard to invest in our future by strengthening our talent pipeline, including finding people with diverse backgrounds and experiences that reflect our communities and the clients we serve.

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