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Welcome Back, Charnee Foston!

We’re welcoming senior manager Charnee Foston back to Moss Adams.

Charnee Foston

In 2015, Charnee Foston (she/her) moved to Portland for a career opportunity with Moss Adams, but she struggled to turn the city into a home. Her role required travel along the western coast for up to 75% of the year, which made it challenging to feel settled. When her sister on the East Coast welcomed her children, Charnee was compelled to be closer to family. In 2018, Charnee made the difficult decision to leave the firm for a move back east.

“Because of my travel schedule, I only made it home twice in three years. I was missing out on a lot with my family. I felt the tug on my heartstrings to leave Portland because remote work didn’t exist then as it does today,” Charnee said.

First, Charnee used her experience in construction consulting and advisory to transition into internal audits for construction—she wanted to understand the client side. After a few years with a construction manager, she joined another accounting firm to get back into construction consulting.

“At Moss Adams, we had healthy relationships with our clients that set reasonable expectations. I don’t know that I felt that with my next firm. I observed issues with available resources I hadn’t seen at Moss Adams. The firm I was with had great people, but it didn’t feel like a natural fit for me.”

In Charnee’s first three years at Moss Adams, she and Stephen Bacchetti were construction consulting advisory group managers. They kept in touch when Charnee left Portland, and during that time, Stephen progressed to partner. Charnee congratulated him on his new role, and Stephen told her there would always be a place for her if she wanted to return to Moss Adams.

“Even when I left the firm, I was told I could return anytime. By 2022, the construction advisory group was experiencing new client growth and needed senior-level personnel. I went through the interview process just like everyone else to fill that role, and I think my skill set was perfect for what they were looking for.”

By then, the COVID-19 pandemic had fundamentally changed the work environment, limiting business travel. Today, Charnee can work remotely with her team. They were happy to have her back.

Charnee Foston

“Everyone was very welcoming when I came back. It was like no time had passed, as if I went on vacation and returned four years later.”

Now, Charnee travels up to 20% of the year—much easier to balance with being present with her family. She’s had a positive experience returning to Moss Adams, and one of her biggest surprises is the firm’s investment toward inclusion and diversity.

“When I left, there was only Forum W. Now, there are seven business resource groups, and many people have joined—because that’s what we do here. I see the groups marketed internally more than in other places I’ve worked, making it easy to be aware of them. As a Black woman, that integration of diversity throughout the firm has been nice to see.”

We’re Better Together

In 2022, rehires—or people who left Moss Adams and eventually joined the firm again—accounted for nearly 9% of our overall hires. We’re thankful for our rehires who’ve returned, and we truly appreciate those of you who’ve been with the firm throughout the years.

Welcome home, Charnee!

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