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Living Our Values: 2023 Inclusion & Diversity Annual Report

We’re focused on long-term change to ensure Moss Adams is an anti-racist firm. Jen Wyne reflects on our 2023 progress and looks ahead to 2024.

Moss Adams is committed to being an anti-racist firm, and our inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy is critical to bringing us closer to this goal. Since 2020, we’ve collaborated with our business resource groups (BRG) to embed I&D programming into the foundation of our firm while building a governance framework to integrate and standardize our processes firmwide.

Our 2023 I&D Annual Report, now available, demonstrates the first year of our governance in action. Chief talent officer Jen Wyne refers to the necessary efforts as “operationalizing.”

 “Our strategy and framework help align everyone on where we’re going and how each of us plays a part in executing our I&D strategy,” Jen said. “I compare it to rowing crew. We each play a part. When aligned and clear on our roles, we’ll row together in the same direction, go further, and accomplish more.”

This year’s achievements include:

  • Since 2020 there have been noteworthy increases in attracting interns, first-year, and experienced talent from historically underrepresented communities
  • Launch of additional new hire and new manager sessions to centralize inclusive practices during onboarding and leadership training
  • Ongoing partnership with BRGs to advance opportunities for authentic connection and belonging
  • Refocused efforts toward our I&D governance framework to refine existing processes

Meaningful Change

In addition to progress toward our I&D goals, such as an increase in recruiting from underrepresented communities, this year’s report also highlighted opportunities for improvement, such as retention and advancement. Jen believes targeting high-value activities will make a difference in the firm’s future metrics.

“Retaining our underrepresented team members at the pace that we retain all talent is a clear opportunity for us,” Jen said. “We can’t advance talent that we don’t hold onto, so we’re identifying which efforts are most impactful, like sending our people to conferences for underrepresented professionals. Investing in our people will help us build the sense of community and belonging we want, leading to improved retention and advancement opportunities.”

Looking Ahead

For Jen, the firm’s I&D initiatives are personal.

“I’m passionate about our culture and the people experience,” Jen said. “The I&D work we’re doing helps us better reflect our clients and communities. We’re striving to be an organization where everyone feels valued and appreciated. Everyone should feel like they belong.”

Maintaining an inclusive culture requires a nimble strategy that can be modified based on input, data, and ongoing learning. After reviewing the firm’s performance in 2023, Jen anticipates focusing on the impact of work over the amount of activity in 2024 and beyond.

“We tried to boil the ocean in 2023 and didn’t get as far as we would have liked,” Jen said. “Our big focus toward 2025 will be retention and advancement, which means reviewing our evaluation and promotion processes to ensure our policies are equitable. We want our people to get the support and development they need to excel in their careers.”

Our goal is sustained, long-term change—that won’t happen in only a few years. Jen insists that the work toward a culture of belonging will strengthen the entire firm.

“This work doesn’t belong to only certain groups,” Jen concludes. “When we say ‘inclusion,’ we mean everyone. It’s what makes Moss Adams so special.”


We're pleased to share our 2023 Inclusion & Diversity Annual Report. Explore how we're taking concrete action to create a more inclusive and diverse culture where everyone feels like they belong.

I&D at Moss Adams

Moss Adams is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone feels like they belong. This means investing in opportunities for our people to find community and mentorship to support their professional development at our firm and beyond.

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