M&A Due Diligence Checklist: How to Prepare for Merger Integration

Navigating the key drivers of a business transition is fundamental to its success. Once you’ve identified how your personal and business goals align, you can effectively plan your next move.

If a merger or acquisition is a part of your transition plan, it’s vital to establish a M&A strategy to use as your guide. Then, once your merger has begun, it’s essential to create accountability across key departments and with key department leaders.

A transaction is the sum of many moving parts; from structuring and negotiating to managing the details and related parties. If your organization increases team accountability and avoids common pitfalls, your transaction’s close is more likely to be successful.

The checklist below could help your organization draft a smart business integration plan to maintain leadership engagement at all levels and coordinate across teams to create a smooth M&A integration.

green checklist

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