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The following courses currently have CPE certificates available for download:

NameCourse IDDateCredits
2019 Medicare Regulatory Update for Hospitals6410209/13/20181
Internal Audit Series: Construction Audits6410309/12/20181
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – September 20186410909/6/20181
Southern California Tribal CFO Roundtable - September 6405709/6/20181
System Planning and the Changing ERP Landscape6402708/30/20181
2018 Building Opportunity Conference6405508/23/20181
2018 Building Opportunity Conference6405508/23/20182
New Lease Accounting Standard: Impacts for Life Sciences & Tech6404408/23/20181
Regional Tribal Training6409108/22/20181
Regional Tribal Training6409108/22/20181.5
Tax Reform Impact on Aerospace & Defense Industry6405808/22/20181
Utility/FERC 101 Training6413208/21/20187
2018 Annual International Tax Update 6404508/16/20182
Unrelated Business Taxable Income: Overview and Impact of Tax Reform6405408/16/20181
2018 Telecommunications Management Conference: A Roadmap for the Future6403308/15/20180.5
2018 Telecommunications Management Conference: A Roadmap for the Future6403308/15/20187.5
How to Strengthen Your Organization’s Fraud Defenses 6405108/9/20181
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – August 20186405208/9/20181
Sacramento Credit Union Conference6411007/27/20181
Sacramento Credit Union Conference6411007/27/20182
Sacramento Credit Union Conference6411007/27/20183
Portland Credit Union Conference 20186410807/20/20180.5
Portland Credit Union Conference 20186410807/20/20181.5
Portland Credit Union Conference 20186410807/20/20183.5
Portland Credit Union Conference 20186410807/20/20185
West Coast Tax Refresher6399607/18/20181
New Lease Accounting Standards: Key Changes for Oil & Gas6399707/17/20181
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - Impact on Tangible Assets6400707/17/20181
Auditing & Accounting Update6400007/10/20181
Auditing & Accounting Update6400007/10/20182
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - July 20186400407/9/20181
2018 Fuel for Growth: Dealership Summit6392006/29/20181
2018 Fuel for Growth: Dealership Summit6392006/29/20182
2018 Fuel for Growth: Dealership Summit6392006/29/20182.5
2018 Fuel for Growth: Dealership Summit6392006/29/20183
WA Tribal CFO Roundtable - June 20186390306/28/20182
Washington Not-for-Profit Conference6375806/28/20181
Washington Not-for-Profit Conference6375806/28/20181.5
Using the No. 1 Fraud Detection and Prevention Method6383806/22/20182
CABS 1016363606/21/20184
Responding at the Speed of Business: The value of agility6385206/15/20181
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - June 2018 6384406/14/20181
Southern California Tribal CFO Roundtable6379906/14/20182
Tax Reform: Section 199A deduction and interest deduction limitation6383906/14/20181
Washington Not-for-Profit Conference6374306/14/20181
Washington Not-for-Profit Conference6374306/14/20181.5
Implementing the New Lease & Revenue Recognition Standards6377706/13/201822.5
Becoming A Data-Driven Organization 6380406/7/20181
501® Tax Compliance & Internal Controls for Hospitals6380006/6/20181
Lease Accounting Changes & Tax Reform Breakfast6386806/6/20181
2018 Supervisory Committee Conference6384206/5/20181
2018 Supervisory Committee Conference6384206/5/20185.5
2018 Supervisory Committee Conference6384206/5/20186.5
Implementing the New Lease & Revenue Recognition Standards6375705/25/201815
Inside the IPO: Assess Business Readiness when Going Public6367805/24/20181
Telephone Plant Accounting6371905/24/201810.5
What's Special About Access Charges?6381505/24/201819.5
Not-for-Profit Industry Update6380205/23/20181.5
Not-for-Profit Industry Update6380205/23/20183
Revenue Recognition Implications for Life Sciences & Tech6377005/23/20181
Telecommunications 1016363505/23/201823
ASC 606 Revenue Recognition & Professional Service Firms6374205/22/20181
Intermediate Telecom Accounting6363805/22/201812
Making Excel Work For You6367005/21/20184
Lease Under ASC topic 8426384305/18/20187
Implemenation Guidance for Upcoming Accounting Standards6378005/17/20181.5
Help Improve Organization Performance with Internal Audits6375905/16/20181
2018 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6377105/10/20181
2018 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6377105/10/20181.5
2018 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6377105/10/20183.5
2018 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6377105/10/20184
Trends & Challenges for Mineral Owners in Today's Market6371405/10/20181
The Effects of Tax Reform on Utilities Benefits & Compensation 6370505/9/20181
Navigating SOX 404(a): How to Balance Risk, Budget, and Operational Goals 6368605/8/20181
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - May 20186376405/7/20181
Corporate Tax Changes for Oil & Gas Company Valuations6371504/26/20181
Moss Adams Governmental Accounting Conference6372104/24/20181.5
Moss Adams Governmental Accounting Conference6372104/24/20183
Moss Adams Governmental Accounting Conference6372104/24/20183.5
Internal Controls Training6373804/16/20186
How Tax Reform Impacts Long-Term Care Providers6369604/12/20181
Telecom 1016369404/11/201821
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - April 20186369304/10/20181
WORKSHOP: Segregation of Duties and the Modern ERP System6364803/29/20181.5
The New Revenue Standard - Why Companies Should Consider Key Disclosures Now6362903/28/20181
Moss Adams USF Reform Modification Order Webcast6370303/27/20182
Refocus the Lens - 2018 Trends in the Retail Industry6365903/22/20181
EBP Plan Truth Seminar 6359803/20/20180.5
EBP Plan Truth Seminar 6359803/20/20182