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The following courses currently have CPE certificates available for download:

NameCourse IDDateCredits
Bellingham Alumni Event6282906/15/20171
New Revenue Recognition Standard; What Tech Companies Should Know6276206/15/20171
Leveraging Data Analytics to Improve Performance6285306/13/20172
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Month Webcase - June 20176276306/9/20171
2017 Retail Industry Outlook6267706/8/20171
Enterprise Resource Planning Now: Identify the Critical Factors for a Successful Enterprise System Selection6265406/8/20171
IT You Can Use: Third-Party Cloud Risks6266306/1/20171
Senior Care Facilities: Reduce Risk and Improve Results Through Internal Audit6265705/25/20171
Not-for-Profit Accounting & Auditing – Spring 2017 Update6274205/24/20171
Capitalize on Big Data and Analytics to Predict Portfolio Growth, Performance, and Investment Opportunities6264905/18/20171
Guard Your Investment in Valuable Contracts6265005/16/20171
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - May 20176275705/15/20171
2017 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6260705/12/20171
2017 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6260705/12/20171.5
2017 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6260705/12/20173
2017 Telergee Executive & Financial Conference6260705/12/20174.5
Cost Recovery & USF Strategy6234405/5/201716
Telephone Plant Accounting6237805/5/201712
Comprehensive Carrier Access Billing6235505/4/201720
Strategic Implementation of USF Reform6242705/3/201712
Telecom 1016234205/3/201720
Moss Adams Governmental Accounting Conference6266205/2/20171
Moss Adams Governmental Accounting Conference6266205/2/20172
Moss Adams Governmental Accounting Conference6266205/2/20173.5
Carrier Access Billing System 1016234305/1/20174
Making Excel Work for You6237905/1/20174
Health Care IT Security: Implementing Best Practices and Controls Using the HITRUST CSF6261504/27/20171
Not-for-Profit Tax Update: Expense Allocation6261604/19/20171
MA Regulatory Compliance Webcast – April 20176263204/6/20171
Preparing for Your First 401(k) Plan Audit6257103/21/20171
NFP Tax Update Luncheon6261403/16/20171.5
The Plan Truth: A Seminar for Health and Retirement Plan Sponsors and Fiduciaries6256003/16/20172
Telecom Regulatory Reporting6238303/10/201712
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - March 20176261803/3/20171
Telecommunications Foundations6263303/1/201722
Navigate 2017: Bay Area Benefits Conference6246502/23/20173
CFO Roundtable: A Practical Approach to Managing Cybersecurity Risks6257902/22/20171
Navigate 2017: Bay Area Benefits Conference6246402/22/20173
How to Boost Cash Flow in 20176226802/14/20171
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - February 20176252502/9/20171
SPU 2: Construction Contract / Cost Audit Training6256201/17/20172
Trump’s Plan: A closer look at the tax and economic impact 6237201/17/20171
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - January 20176241701/12/20171
2017 Agribusiness Seminar 6256401/5/20171
2017 Agribusiness Seminar 6256401/5/20172.5
2017 Agribusiness Seminar 6256401/5/20173
2017 R&D Praxity Training6233901/5/20173.5
2017 R&D Praxity Training6233901/5/20175
Moss Adams A-CAM Update Webcast 6232912/29/20161
SPU Training: Information Technology Update6231812/20/20164
2016 Year End State and Local Tax Update for Tech, Life Sciences, Communications & Clean Tech 6218012/15/20161
Compliance with GASB 77 Reporting Requirements6217712/15/20161
Gift Acceptance Policies for Not-for-Profits6210312/14/20161
2016 Not-For- Profit Financial Statement Update: What You Need to Know 6217312/13/20162
2016 Year End Tax Planning Strategies for Health Care Organizations6221412/13/20161
2016 Year-End International Tax Update for Tech, Life Sciences, Communications & Clean Tech Companies 6221312/8/20161
CFO Roundtable: Best Practices for Financial Analytics 6223912/7/20161
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - December 20166224812/7/20161
2016 Year End Federal Tax Update6217812/1/20161
Navigating Changes Affecting Your Funds and Your Portfolio Companies6231912/1/20162
Washington State Tribal CFO Roundtable Series6213711/30/20161
Consumer Broadband-Only Loop (CBOL) Tariff Webcast6220911/21/20161
Annual Advanced Co-Op Tax Forum6124611/18/201610
Capital Credit Strategies for Telecom Co-ops6124511/16/20166
Internal and Performance Audit Programs: A collaborative approach to success6913811/15/20161
Lower Costs, Higher Engagement - An Approach to Reduce Healthcare Spend6203111/15/20161
Building Opportunity Conference - Eugene6202711/10/20163
How to Prepare for a SOC Audit6207911/8/20161
That's a Wrap - Lessons Learned After the 10/15 Deadline6202511/8/20161
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - November 20166210711/7/20161
2016 Health Care Conference | Positing for the Future: Innovations and Paradigm Shifts 6140811/4/201612
BABOG Fall 20166214011/4/20161
Accounting and Tax Update for Cooperatives6141111/3/20161
Building Opportunity Conference - Portland6200811/3/20160.5
Building Opportunity Conference - Portland6200811/3/20161
Game Plan: TCM Annual Conference 20166213311/3/20162
Game Plan: TCM Annual Conference 20166213311/3/20162.5
Clinton or Trump - Are you ready for change?6190811/2/20161.5
Current Issues in Government Contracting6216311/2/20161
Current Issues in Government Contracting6216311/2/20162
Current Issues in Government Contracting6216311/2/20163.5
4th Annual Large Employer Forum6217111/1/20162.5
Clinton or Trump - Are you ready for change?6190511/1/20161.5
Not-for-Profit Accounting & Auditing – Fall 2016 Update6198611/1/20161
2016 Building Opportunity Conference6202910/27/20160.5
2016 Building Opportunity Conference6202910/27/20161
2016 Building Opportunity Conference6202910/27/20164
Advanced Utility Accounting6223610/24/20168.5
Health Care Organizations: Are you complying with CMS’s FINAL 60-day rule for overpayments? Learn best practices for operations compliance and mitigate risks.6197410/20/20161
Ten Things You Should Know About Internal Controls6226510/20/20161.5
Clinton or Trump - Are you ready for change?6190210/19/20161.5
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - October 20166201910/18/20161
Government Contract Accounting6200910/13/20164
2016 Communications & Media Management Conference: Decision Time ACAM or Rate of Return6202810/11/201612
Northern California Tribal CFO Roundtable Series6188410/5/20161.5
Know Your NOLs and Credits: Section 382 for Technology Companies6164509/29/20161
Lease Accounting Standards - Impact on the Retail Industry 6188309/29/20161
Rogue Valley Symposium6187109/28/20160.5
Rogue Valley Symposium6187109/28/20161
Rogue Valley Symposium6187109/28/20161.5
Keys to Success in Up and Down Markets: Leveraging the attributes of high performing organizations6187509/20/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - September 20166187009/15/20161
Sustainable Food Business Best Practices6128309/15/20161
Family & Business Succession Planning: Are You and Your Company Exit Ready?6182009/14/20161
2016 Medicare Regulatory Update for Hospitals6187209/8/20161
Cyber Attacks: Spearphishing, Ransomware, and the Internet of Things6175508/25/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - August 20166181708/4/20161
Revenue Recognition and Financial Statement Changes for Not-For-Profits6263408/4/20162
Revenue Recognition and Financial Statement Changes for Not-For-Profits6178408/3/20162
Revenue Recognition and Financial Statement Changes for Not-For-Profits6201708/3/20162
Recovering Indirect Costs | Tips for Recouping Indirect Costs from Federal Grant Funding 6171807/27/20161
Spotlight Series: Research and Development Tax Credits6172707/27/20161
Boost Cash Flow: R&D Payroll Tax Credit6171207/26/20161
Lease Accounting for Restaurants: Overview and Impact6171507/25/20161
Lessons Learned: Conducting Government Contractor Incurred Cost Audits6161707/21/20161
Public or Private, Think COSO 2013 for Internal Controls6144607/19/20161
Hospital Site Neutral Payments for Off-Campus Outpatient Departments6144507/12/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - July 20166164407/12/20161
Managing Tribal Construction Projects6153007/6/20161
Trends and Strategies in the Retail Industry- Enter at your own risk6157506/28/20161
Privacy, Please: A SOC Report Update 6157606/23/20161
Not-for-Profit Tax - Spring 2016 Update6153206/16/20161
SOX Squared: Uncovering Additional Value in Compliance6148206/14/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - June 20166158406/13/20161
Seal Off Your Profit Leaks6153706/9/20161
Health Care Planning and Construction in the New Environment 6160406/1/20161
The Download: Cybersecurity Seminar6148106/1/20161
Tax Planning Strategies for Senior Care Organizations6148905/26/20161
Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)6233605/25/20161
Not-for-Profit Accounting & Auditing – Spring 2016 Update6146105/25/20161
SOC 1 Reports: What They Are and What to Do with Them6148605/24/20161
COSO 2013: The obvious solution6154105/20/20162
Performance Auditing: How to Deliver Value6233005/19/20160.5
Performance Auditing: How to Deliver Value6233005/19/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - May 20166149605/17/20161
Navigating the Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards6144205/10/20161
Carrier Billing: Advanced Topics6124005/6/201612
Cost Recovery and USF Strategy6124705/6/201616
Telephone Plant Accounting6123105/6/201612
Green Solutions for Wine and Agribusiness 6133805/5/20161
2016 Communications & Media Management Conference6134105/4/201612
Accurate Carrier Billing6123305/4/201612
Telecom 1016122805/4/201620
Carrier Access Billing System 1016123805/2/20164
Making Excel Work for You6135005/2/20164
Self-Funded Health Plans: Shoring Up Leaks Can Reap Cost Savings 6260605/2/20161
Performing Government Contract Audits—Without the DCAA6144704/28/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - April 20166141604/11/20161.5
FCC USF Reform Order In Focus - Part 36143704/7/20162
FCC USF Reform Order In Focus - Part 26143504/5/20162
FCC USF Reform Order In Focus - Part 16143604/4/20162
State of Governance Survey Report - An Analysis of Corporate Governance Practices Among Middle-Market US Companies6136803/30/20161
Not-for-Profit Webcast: IRS Form 990 Update6136703/17/20161
MA Regulatory Compliance Webcast – March 20166136003/9/20161.5
Telecom Regulatory Reporting6121303/4/201612
SOX 404a: A Realistic Approach6125202/26/20161
Your PATH to Tax Savings6129602/25/20161
Tax Exempt Hospitals: Ensure Your 2016 Compliance with IRS Section 501(r) Regulations 6118602/24/20161
Federal Contractor Solutions: Audit and Close-Out of T&M and Labor Hour Contracts 6120402/23/20161
From Tech to Telecom – How to Navigate the FCC6126002/18/20161
Stay Ahead of Cybersecurity Breaches and Off the Media’s Radar6026102/18/20161.5
Changes in DCAA Audit Coverage on Government Contracts6125102/9/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - February 20166129202/9/20161.5
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - February 20166129102/3/20161.5
Performance Audits: How to Achieve Your Construction Program Goals6119102/2/20161
Hospitals: What Do “Site Neutral Payments” Mean to Your Off Campus Facility? 6116501/29/20161
Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - January 20166118701/12/20161.5
The Impact of Changes in Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) Incurred Cost Audit Coverage on Prime Contractors6119401/12/20161
Webcast About Something12345678911/1/20142