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The following courses currently have CPE certificates available for download:

NameCourse IDDateCredits
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - April 20186369304/10/20181
The New Revenue Standard - Why Companies Should Consider Key Disclosures Now6362903/28/20181
Moss Adams USF Reform Modification Order Webcast6370303/27/20182
EBP Plan Truth Seminar 6359803/20/20180.5
EBP Plan Truth Seminar 6359803/20/20182
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - March 20186365103/16/20181
Tax Reform and Hospitals: What Hospitals Need to Know6365203/15/20181
Tax Reform - Next Steps for Food, Beverage & Agribusiness Companies6365703/13/20181
Telecom Regulatory Reporting 6352403/9/201812
Bellingham Tax Reform Event 6362403/8/20181.5
WA Tribal CFO Roundtable - March 2018 6360403/8/20182
Bay Area Business Officers Group - March Event6363203/2/20181
Tax Reform Training 6368803/1/20181
Tax Reform Discussion: Facts, Theory and Practical Reality6366402/28/20182
The Four Internal Controls You Must Get Right6361102/27/20181
Top Tax Strategies for California Businesses in 2018 6362202/22/20181
How Alcohol Producers Can Take Advantage of the R&D Tax Credit6356802/21/20181
Tax Reform Update6362002/12/20181.5
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - February 20186363102/8/20181
How Tax Reform Could Impact Tax-Exempt Organizations6352602/7/20181
Overview of the Not-for-Profit Reporting Standard6355002/1/20181
Tribal Government Webcast Series: Taxation Issues in Indian Country 6352201/31/20181
Tax Reform Update 6353801/25/20181.5
Tax Reform: Entity Choice 6348001/18/20181
2017 Wine Industry Financial Benchmarking Report- A high-level overview6341501/17/20181
Compare and Contrast Supporting Organizations, Private Foundation and Donor Advised Funds6335301/17/20181
SOC for Cybersecurity: Check Your Cyber Threat Management6333301/16/20181
Tax Reform: International Tax 6347901/16/20181
2017 USF Reform and Broadband Only Strategy6353101/13/20186
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - January 2018 6341201/12/20181
Tax Reform: ASC 740 Requirements6347801/10/20181
Tax Reform Overview6347701/9/20181
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity CFO Conference6353412/14/20171
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity CFO Conference6353412/14/20171.5
Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity CFO Conference6353412/14/20172
Proposed Tax Reform Impact on Aerospace & Defense Sector6334012/14/20171
An indepth look at revenue recognition6333112/13/20174
Uniform Guidance – Lessons Learned for Tribes6320012/13/20171
An Indepth Look at Revenue Recognition6325812/12/20174
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast – December 20176328912/11/20171
2017 Year-End Tax State and Local Tax Update for Technology, Communications & Media and Life Sciences Companies6327412/7/20171
Telephone Plant Accounting Texas6304212/7/20178
Business Sustainability Requires Focus on Management Succession and Ownership Transition6324312/6/20171
Telecom 101 Texas6304612/6/201716
Understanding the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation6326212/5/20171
Preparing for the new NFP Reporting Standards and Other New Accounting Standards 6318312/4/20172
Telecom Accounting Training for Mark Twain Telephone6331612/4/20171
Telecom Accounting Training for Mark Twain Telephone6331612/4/20173
Telecom Accounting Training for Mark Twain Telephone6331612/4/20174
Year-End Tax Update - Community Banks 6331212/4/20171
An Indepth Look at Revenue Recognition6330311/30/20174
EDF - Partnership Training - Advanced Issues and Concepts6329711/30/20173
2017 Health Care Conference6266411/17/201714
Annual Advanced Co-op Tax Forum6235411/17/201710
Implementing the New Lease & Revenue Recognition Standards6257511/17/201716
Fraud Awareness and Travel Expense Training6329211/16/20171.5
Not-for-Profit Accounting and Auditing: Fall 2017 Update6320711/16/20171
A Generous State: Claiming Arizona's R&D Tax Credit 6323911/15/20171
Capital Credit Strategies for Telecom Co-ops6235311/15/20176
Fall Assurance Training 20176314311/13/20171
Fall Assurance Training 20176314311/13/20172.5
Fall Assurance Training 20176314311/13/20173
Annual SALT Praxity Conference6324511/9/20171.5
Annual SALT Praxity Conference6324511/9/20172
Annual SALT Praxity Conference6324511/9/20177
Risk Management for Hein6329811/9/20173
Using Audit Programs to Meet Community Needs6321211/9/20171
Moss Adams Regulatory Compliance Monthly Webcast - November 20176321411/3/20171
Annual Accounting Roundtable6316011/1/20171
Telecom Accounting Training for Horry Telephone6350611/1/201726
2017 Building Opportunity Conference6312310/26/20171
2017 Building Opportunity Conference6312310/26/20171.5
2017 Building Opportunity Conference6312310/26/20172.5
State of SOX & Internal Controls 20176318110/26/20171
WA/OR Regional TCL Conference6320610/26/20170.5
WA/OR Regional TCL Conference6320610/26/20171
WA/OR Regional TCL Conference6320610/26/20172.5