Prepare Your Supply Chain for Unexpected Changes

Presented on:
June 29, 2021 9:00 AM PT
1 hour

Changes to direct-to-consumer sales in the European Union and Canada take effect on July 1, 2021. This Wayfair-like sales tax rule will likely have a significant impact on your sales and costs to consumers in these markets.

Join us for our webcast, which focuses on navigating this new tax as well as other supply chain improvement opportunities, margin enhancement, and duty considerations.

We’ll discuss potential risks and opportunities for your e-commerce company, unexpected costs that can impact your company’s bottom line, your company’s ability to expand internationally, and your credibility with customers. We’ll also cover how to:

  • Avoid common mistakes e-commerce companies make
  • Identify the true total cost to your consumer and get your pricing right the first time
  • Make strategic decisions on physical logistic options, technology to support global sales, and indirect tax compliance support
  • Provide a cohesive customer experience

Stay tuned for more webcasts exploring operations, technology, planning, and more to help e-commerce businesses at all stages prosper.

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James Robinson, Managing Director, Moss Adams

James has been practicing value added tax (VAT) consulting since 1999, primarily focused on supply chain optimization, ERP/IT solutions, and VAT compliance and accounting. He has provided global indirect tax services for businesses in a range of growth stages, from small growing businesses taking their first step outside the United States to large multinational businesses facing significant challenges on a global basis. James has worked across numerous industries including life sciences, financial services, e-commerce, technology, and retail.

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