Launch Your Business to Success

As opportunities for space-based operations and businesses expand, how you position your company is crucial to its success.

Start-ups, as well as established companies shifting their focus to space and satellites, must strategically navigate securing funding and the transaction process in preparation for an exit, sale, or merger.

Discover how our industry-smart services can help your business focus on what matters most: driving the innovation that makes space accessible and prime for business.

Conquer Industry Challenges

Stay at the forefront of space, commercial, government, and defense activity with guidance from our professionals.

Navigate Tax Complications

Structure comprehensive tax plans so you’re adequately prepared to navigate the complexities of federal, state and local tax, and international taxes and protect your profits based on the risks and laws of the jurisdictions in which you operate.

Stay ahead of your tax obligations with our State and Local Tax, International Tax Services, and more.

Execute Deals Confidently

Make strong, informed decisions and validate your position ahead of a merger, acquisition, or transaction. Achieve your goals by uncovering risks and issues early so you can strengthen your transaction strategy.

Create business value, assess quality of earnings, raise equity and debt capital, or evaluate strategic alternatives driven by our strong relationships with private equity firms and other potential buyers and investors. For investors, we can help strengthen ongoing or future acquisitions as well as assist with buy- or sell-side due diligence.

Additionally, the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) could have a major impact on aerospace mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, and businesses that demonstrate early compliance could be better positioned for transactions and to increase value.

Enter a deal prepared with our Valuations, Due Diligence, and Merger Management Services, and more.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage the power of IT solutions to help boost your operational efficiencies through access to comprehensive, real-time views of your entire business.

Illuminate vital data, including data collected by satellite and other telecommunications outlets, to transform your business into a collaborative, data-driven organization. Enterprise systems can also provide insight into greater safety, quality, and compliance for SEC regulatory matters.

Test or enhance your technology standing with our Enterprise Systems Consulting, IT Development & Integration, Telecommunications Consulting, IT Assessment & Planning Services, and more.

Claim Tax Credits for Your Innovation

The level of innovation and research activity across the space industry make it a natural fit for R&D tax credits.

Navigating claims, however, can be a complex process that requires consistent guidance to avoid draining time and resources.

You can pursue R&D credits for eligible field activities if you:

  • Generate prototypes and first articles for testing and validation
  • Develop new materials
  • Design new space monuments and components for customers
  • Develop new or improved advanced space electronics
  • Make improvements to launch vehicle components; propulsion systems; and drones, rovers, or unmanned crafts
  • Design and develop new or improved aircraft monuments and components

Put money back into your business with our R&D Tax Credit Services and more.

Strengthen Business Strategies

As the first to navigate new frontiers, it’s crucial to make strategic business decisions that position your organization for long-term success and to support and maintain space operations while enhancing profits—whether that’s determining correct technologies are in place, developing first-of-a-kind pricing models, assessing valuations for new initiatives, and more. 

Develop strategic business plans that can help your business gain clarity on priorities for improving financial performance, managing growth, motivating personnel, or planning for an orderly transition.

Boost efficiency and revenue by streamlining your company’s organization and processes. Strategic technical and competitive benchmarking, as well as internal and performance audits, can equip you to proactively confront shifting workforce demographics, declining employee engagement, and other obstacles that can hinder businesses.

Reach your business’s full potential with our Strategy & Operations, Organizational Planning, Performance Audit Services, and more.

Valued Industry Perspectives

More than 75 space clients nationwide
More than 75 space clients nationwide
We guide clients from start-up to sale
We guide clients from start-up to sale
Expertise in over 9,000 state & local tax jurisdictions
Expertise in over 9,000 state & local tax jurisdictions

As the largest accounting, consulting, and wealth management firm headquartered in the West, we’re rooted in the country’s most prominent space and satellite hubs—including our Washington, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, California, Colorado, and Texas locations—while also serving clients nationwide.

Deeply immersed within the space and satellite industry, our professionals have extensive knowledge of the nuanced operations of aerospace businesses. Our collaborative approach takes the time to understand your unique business needs and strategically develop solutions contextualized among greater industry trends and activity.

Our clients aren’t the only industry leaders who look to us for guidance. We frequently collaborate, volunteer, sponsor, and serve on boards with influential industry organizations and events such as the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance, A&D Forum, Aerospace Futures Alliance of Washington, East Bay Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Arizona Aerospace & Defense Forum, Southern California Aerospace & Defense Forum, and SFMade.

In addition, the firm is a regional member of the Association for Unmanned Vehicles Systems International (AUVSI).


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