Driving Opportunity

Possibilities are endless when banks can maintain profitability, but chances to seize opportunity can so often be hindered by the many obstacles organizations encounter in today’s banking landscape.

Banks implementing the Current Expected Credit Losses (CECL) standard face some of the most significant accounting industry changes in decades, but you don’t have to confront them alone. We want to help you focus on what matters most: satisfying your customer base.

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CECL Implementation Consulting

Easily implement the CECL standard through a multistep process including credit risk modeling, financial instrument valuation, and more.

Deep Industry Experience

From institutions-in-organizations to multibranch and multistate banks, plus start-ups and banks with billions of dollars in assets, our professionals serve clients across the spectrum of the banking industry.

Industry Challenges and Solutions

Maintain Compliance

Banking is among the most complex regulatory environments, and maintaining compliance can drain significant resources. Help your company feel secure that you’re adhering to operating requirements. Consulting solutions include regulatory compliance, internal audits, antimoney laundering program consulting, and FDICIA compliance, as well as trust and fiduciary services.

Combat Cyberattacks

Maintaining and improving your company’s cybersecurity and risk management can be a constant concern in today’s digital world. Protect your data and assets while keeping costs down by performing IT reviews, risk assessments, network vulnerability and penetration testing, and social engineering.

Pursue Transferable Tax Credits

Financial institutions organized as C corporations can reduce federal and state tax liabilities and permanently lower their tax burdens by purchasing tax credits—without participating in the activity related to the credit.

Determining which credits to purchase, however, depends on the nuances of financial institutions’ circumstances and how the corporation pays taxes.

Our professionals can help your organization:

  • Source federal and state tax credits
  • Assess key considerations when investing in federal and state tax credits
  • Assist with federal income tax credit syndicator selection
  • Review additional nonfinancial motivations for investing such as Community Reinvestment Act (CRA); public welfare initiative (PWI); or environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives
  • Determine types of tax credit investments and the risks
  • Calculate the after-tax yield—internal rate of return (IRR), return on investment (ROI), or other preferred metric—of the credit

Reduce Risk

Emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and fintech are upending long-held industry standards. Protect yourself with risk-management solutions that can help you quickly respond and adapt when navigating industry disruption and evolving regulatory challenges.

Implement CECL

CECL implementation is a complex process that requires extensive documentation and resources. Help relieve the burden with transition tips and insight.

Delivering a full spectrum of accounting, consulting, and wealth management services, Moss Adams dives deep into your industry to bring greater contextual understanding to every engagement. As a result, conversations are more illuminating and solutions more precise.

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