Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness for Lenders

*This page is to provide guidance to PPP lenders. Business owners and other borrowers seeking support with PPP loan forgiveness can learn more here.

Seamlessly guide your borrowers through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness process with our integrated digital platform and staff augmentation solution for financial institutions.

Built on the Nintex® Process Platform, our cloud-based solution makes the forgiveness calculation, documentation, and submission easy and understandable so borrowers can get back to focusing on their business—while preventing consuming your staff’s time on tasks that won’t bring value or profit to your organization.

How the Process Works

The platform appears as part of your organization’s web presence, without operation necessary on your end, and its workflow can be modified to meet your specific needs.

The automated process allows borrowers to submit necessary documentation supporting the calculation of their forgiveness amount. The borrower’s data is then compared to source documents, boosting filing accuracy by thoroughly reviewing all submissions.

Your organization will receive a comprehensive package—including borrowers’ digital confirmation signatures—to submit to the Small Business Administration (SBA) and retain internally.

Support for Your Organization and Borrowers

Fast and easy-to-use, the platform allows financial institutions to reduce borrower frustration during the forgiveness process with assistance through messaging and help desk support. We’ll also provide institutional guidance to help alleviate concerns of borrowers that don’t receive anticipated forgiveness amount—with flexible workflow modifications to provide advanced communication to you and the borrower in such cases, if desired.

Without loan forgiveness tasks falling on the institution, your relationship managers can concentrate on client engagement instead of tedious processing work.

Choose the Right Solution Version for Your Organization

Our Core Solution provides the strong foundation needed for smooth loan forgiveness processing, with additional benefits provided in the Core Plus+ and Premiere Solutions.

Varying levels of expanded features and assistance from our professionals are also available at all levels—so you can select the experience that works for you and your borrowers, as well as your staff and budget. View a full list of features here.

Lenders: Request a Demo

*This page is to provide guidance to PPP lenders. Business owners and other borrowers seeking support with PPP loan forgiveness can learn more here.

Our complete forgiveness solution is not available to audit clients subject to SEC independence rules (SEC Registrants of all asset sizes, and all banks over $500mm in assets as of January 1, 2020).

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