Mortgage Companies

Supporting Your Community and Finances

Compliance with state and federal regulatory guidance is only the beginning of the challenges your organization must overcome. You must also seek out best lending practices, monitor an ever-evolving tax code, and keep an eye out for new market opportunities. Meanwhile, other concerns, such as cybersecurity, place entirely new demands on your organization, which can impact your relationships with customers too.

For more than 35 years, we’ve helped financial services companies—including those in mortgage banking—navigate an evolving regulatory environment, maintain profitability, and manage risk through a broad range of assurance, tax, and consulting solutions. With our regional and national resources at your fingertips, you’ll have the expertise you need readily available throughout each phase of your business’s growth. Wherever your plans to scale your business take you, you’ll know practical, technical advice from dedicated professionals is close at hand to help you solve even your most complex challenges.

Furthermore, because the success of your organization is closely connected to your own personal financial success, we’ll give special care to the intersection of the two, drawing in the expertise of professionals from our Private Client Services team to help you synchronize your personal financial plan with that of your business so both can grow together.

Specialized Service to Meet Your Needs

Independent Mortgage Banks
Your community depends on you to channel much-needed capital into small, local markets, and ultimately it’s your personal finances that are on the line. We can help you maintain compliance with regulatory agencies, evaluate your business strategy, and monitor the health of your loans with warehouse lenders.

Mortgage REITs
Whether you’re a preexisting mortgage real estate investment trust (REIT) or are considering creating one, your aim is to deploy capital into real estate mortgages in as tax-efficient a manner as possible—and strict compliance requirements are the cost. We can help you analyze the feasibility of forming and operating a REIT, assist with reviews of annual income and quarterly asset testing, and provide related consultations on distributions, loan agreements, and more.


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