Federally Qualified Health Centers & Community Health Centers

Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) and community health centers (CHCs) provide critical services to often-underserved patient groups—but a lack of resources, the constant need to meet funding requirements, and more bring burdens that can prevent organizations from delivering quality care.

Avoid losing funding, navigate complicated legal and compliance issues, and address operational needs with guidance from our professionals—so you can focus on what matters most: providing and increasing access to quality care for vulnerable patients while bringing equity to the diverse communities you serve.

Navigate Industry Challenges

Explore how our industry-focused services can help your organization confront the unique, pressing issues FQHCs and CHCs face.

Expand Funding

Boost equitable access to care within your community by finding new opportunities to fund mental health, behavioral health, or other health and dental services needed in your area.

Strategically identify federal funds and grants to pursue and leverage other financing opportunities—such as the New Market Tax Credit and other credits and incentives designed to facilitate investment in low-income communities—that can help fund or bridge financing gaps for facility updates and expansions, equipment purchases, and more.

Confidently navigate these application processes with guidance to develop budgets, narratives, and necessary documents, as well as receive continued grant accounting and reporting support.

Understand potential requirements tied to your federal or allocated funding sources so your organization can better position itself to maintain its cash flow position and financial awareness.

Assess how your organization uses funds and how your organization maintains accountability and compliance in serving patients and your community—whether sourced from Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) or US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) grants, or other reimbursements.

Maintain Compliance

Address and prepare for the many regulations, rules, and guidelines that must be followed related to your funding, including requirements concerning government compliance, coding validation, coding department redesigns, electronic health record (EHR) internal controls, HIPPA, Medicare and Medicaid cost report and reimbursement, corporate compliance programs, and more.

Avoid draining precious time and resources adhering to regulations with our professionals providing compliance roadmaps.

Prevent suspension from participating in crucial programs such as the 340B Drug Pricing Program—which could lead to higher prescription prices for patients or hefty repayment requirements to manufacturers—should you fail to meet compliance requirements.

Protect Data and Assets

Cybercriminals infiltrate systems at alarming rates with targets including sensitive organizational and patient information, financial systems, and more.

A security breach could have massive financial and reputational implications for your organization—ranging from regulatory penalties and infrastructure disruption to stolen funds and damaged patient relationships—if sensitive data leaks. HIPAA and personal health information compliance requirements make the consequences of a breach even more challenging compared to other industries.

The most effective way to mitigate a breach is to prevent one from happening. Test your current systems, or implement new ones, to evaluate your safety levels and identify controls you need for further preventive measures.

Prepare your organization before a cyberattack strikes with our Cybersecurity Services.

Support Your Workforce

Labor shortages, physician burnout, rising retirements rates, and lack of a talent pipeline create an urgent focus to gain the most from your workforce by increasing efficiency and effectiveness—while still supporting your providers and staff.

Shift your organization away from conventional human resources (HR) practices that only measure success through transactional activities—and evolve your HR function to deliver strategic talent programs with organization-wide impacts.

Transforming your HR function through Human Capital Advisory Services can help:

  • Improve talent acquisition
  • Strengthen workforce engagement
  • Increase retention and reduce turnover with structured benefits and incentives
  • Leverage recruitment of health care providers through health education programs and opportunities
  • Streamline operations through technology
  • Mitigate compliance risk

Improve Organizational Performance

Counter ever-rising financial pressures, increased competition, and dwindling reimbursement of the health care environment by finding opportunities to cut costs and enhance operational efficiency.

Design and implement performance improvement initiatives in key areas such as:

  • Financial turnaround
  • Process assessment and redesign
  • Patient throughput
  • Labor productivity improvement
  • Nonlabor cost management expense reduction
  • Department and process assessment and redesign
  • Benchmarking
  • Management of control optimization

Who We Serve

Organizations across ancillary care look to our professionals for guidance, including:

  • FQHCs including migrant, residents of public housing, and homeless health centers
  • Community health centers
  • FQHC or health center look-alikes
  • Rural health centers
  • Tribal health centers

Expansive Industry Expertise

Collaborating closely with your leadership, our professionals identify and tailor a pathway forward to meet your unique circumstances and strategic focus.

We view challenges from the perspective of organizations’ leaders because many of our professionals previously worked in executive roles within the health care industry and possess first-hand experience and knowledge of what it takes to pursue your goals.

Our clients aren’t the only industry leaders who look to us for guidance. We frequently collaborate with influential industry organizations including the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC), California Primary Care Association (CPCA), Northwest Regional Primary Care Association (NWRPCA), Community Health Association of Mountain/Plains States (CHAMPS), Texas Association of Community Health Centers (TACHC), and Oregon Primary Care Association (ORPCA).

Social responsibility, environmental stewardship, inclusion and diversity, and other initiatives are core to Moss Adams values and business practices—and drive how we engage our clients, people, and the communities in which we live and work.

Founded in 2004, The Moss Adams Foundation supports charities, health care organizations, disaster relief, and universities and education initiatives—with our GiveBack matching donations program providing our people opportunity to support the causes they care about.

2024 Executive Health Care Conference

2024 Executive Health Care Conference

Explore pressing issues facing health care leaders and how your organization plan for what’s next at our 2024 Executive Health Care Conference.


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