Real Estate Outsourced Finance Accounting Services

Increasing shortfalls in accounting talent can often limit the capacity for real estate funds, small businesses, and entrepreneurs to meet their accounting needs, especially those that require specialized knowledge.

Execute your accounting obligations and save time and resources with our professionals providing outsourced accounting services, either as an extension of your current accounting staff or covering all your accounting needs.

Meet your complex reporting requirements with confidence as we oversee and manage the technical accounting areas for which your leaders may not be as well versed—so you can focus on pursuing transactions, managing assets, and other value-add activities that help drive returns, increase asset value, and grow your business.

Support for Your Accounting Needs

Providing day-to-day support as well as in-depth solutions for complex transactions, we perform accounting functions with transparency and accuracy under your management’s supervision—to help you feel confident about your financial accounting and reporting to support your goals and interests.

We can handle the accounting of real estate assets from acquisition to disposition and the ongoing accounting operations of a property and more.

We can support accounting operations and entries related to:

  • Property acquisitions and dispositions
  • Loan refinancing
  • Recapitalizations with new joint venture partners
  • Accounting for transactions and related gains and losses
  • Purchase price allocation
  • Capital tracking by partner

Additional support areas can include:

  • Accounts payable management, including vendor compliance tasks and 1099 preparation
  • Construction draw payment processing
  • Accounts receivable management, including invoicing and recording of collections
  • Comprehensive payroll processing and payroll tax reporting
  • Bank account and credit card reconciliation, featuring cloud-based expense categorization
  • Cash management
  • Lender debt covenant compliance calculations and specialized reporting, if required
  • Customized financial statements including profit and loss, budget versus actual reporting, cash flow statements, and balance sheet net change by month, quarter, and year
  • Business process consulting with custom-designed processes, policies, and procedures
  • Government and agency reporting for sales tax, property tax, workers’ compensation, and more

Expansive Real Estate and Accounting Expertise

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals contextualize accounting solutions for the sector in which you operate while also addressing the nuances and needs of your business—including real estate fund sponsors, syndicators and investors, real estate investment trusts and opportunity zone, institutional, qualified investor, and accredited investor funds.  

We work with real estate assets of all types including industrial, life sciences, commercial, multifamily residential, senior housing, student housing, and affordable housing. We support development projects of all types including ground-up development, re-development, exterior updates, interior renovations, and hybrid development situations.

We also have technical expertise to assist in coordinating the actions of brokers, attorneys, lenders, bankers, general contractors, municipal authorities, and other parties that may influence or impact your work.


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