Grow Your Brand with Confidence

The rise in e-commerce, expanding demographics—including inclusive products for men, people of color, gender neutral options, and baby boomers—and other trends provide significant opportunities for beauty companies to grow, even among economic disruption.

Consumer demands for environmentally friendly products, cybersecurity risks related to e-commerce, and complex state and local tax laws, however, can pose major barriers to pursuing your business goals.

Explore how our industry-focused services can help you stay ahead of change and committed to what matters most: helping your customers feel empowered and well—thanks to your incredible products.

Conquer Industry Challenges

Learn how our services can help you face the industry’s most prominent challenges .

Pursue Liquidity

Too often growing businesses seeking investors are forced to sell significant portions of the company early when valuations are low—immensely limiting future return on investments that come with maintaining full ownership.

Access growth capital without dilution and work toward a liquidity event in under 24 months with guidance from our professionals. Work to secure bank funds through strategized communications—including cash flow projections and detailed financial statements—that can boost an organization’s willingness to lend and enhance your borrowing options.

Our professionals have helped companies maintain ownership through cash flow planning and bank line negotiations, leading to millions of dollars of eventual returns to owners. We also have strong relationships with private equity firms and can guide you through various potential transaction structuring opportunities. 

Explore your financing options with our Transaction Services, Private Equity Practice, and more.

Navigate E-Commerce

Provide a seamless online shopping experience for your customers to help drive growth, secure loyal customers, and keep transactions organized for your business. Businesses need to be able to meet the customer on their schedule and at their convenience.

Navigate the challenges of digital sales with support in key focus areas including:

  • Data analytics to help you make more informed decisions
  • Sales return management
  • Supply chain management
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation to provide real-time, comprehensive insight into your business
  • Expanded market presence by selling with top online retailers and websites

Launch or enhance your online sales platforms with our E-Commerce Practice.

Protect Valuable Data

Cybercriminals’ abilities to infiltrate your systems and cause costly breaches are increasingly intelligent and accessible due to the expansion of e-commerce, technology-driven financial operations, and remote work setups.

Cyberattacks can prove damaging to both your operations and reputation—and your clients, leaving their credit card and other sensitive data vulnerable. Test your current systems to evaluate your safety levels and identify controls you need for further preventive measures or determine if a new system could provide enhanced support.

Identify and implement changes to help protect your business and assets, as well as your customers, with our Cybersecurity Services.

Avoid Tax Penalties

Many businesses have yet to grasp the full impact of the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ruling as various state and local tax organizations seek methods to collect new revenue.

In addition to income taxes, ever-changing nexus laws could have major financial implications for businesses selling to customers in multiple states if sales tax obligations aren’t properly monitored.

Businesses with operations and customers across the globe also face their own set of international tax challenges.

Stay up-to-date with the additional state and global tax forms, deadlines, and filing requirements that can overwhelm your business with our State & Local Tax and International Tax Services.

Boost Cash Flow

Demand for some products, such as perfume and cologne, can peak during holidays when stores typically build inventory in anticipation of high sales—but maintaining liquidity throughout other seasons is crucial.

Cosmetic and beauty supply stores investing in frequent upgrades of store decor to create inviting shopping experiences and keep up with trends also need to aggressively monitor cash flow.

Developing new formulas and products can be costly and leave your business vulnerable if you don’t have the necessary incoming cash flow to cover spending.

Fortunately, tax credits that reward research and development, property expansions, hiring practices, and other business factors can help offset these expenses.

Explore options to put money back into your business with our R&D Tax Credits, Cost Segregation, Strategy & Operations Consulting Services, and more.

We’re All In

From guiding smaller brands entering the industry with ease thanks to social media to long-established major brands, we serve clients from every facet of the industry including:

  • Skincare and antiaging
  • Fragrance
  • Sunscreen and other skin protection
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair and related consumer products
  • Salons
  • Personal grooming products and other services

Valued Industry Perspectives

As the largest accounting, consulting, and wealth management firm headquartered in the West, our professionals are deeply immersed in the locations where many beauty companies operate and thrive—including our 13 California locations—while also serving businesses nationwide.

We take the necessary time to form strong relationships and collaborate with clients to understand how the specifics of your operations could be impacted by the greater industry landscape and trends—solutions are accordingly customized to your goals and needs.

Unbound from big-firm conventions, we deliver forward-thinking business strategies that support you to recognize and seize emerging opportunity.

Our clients aren’t the only industry leaders who look to us for guidance. We frequently collaborate with influential industry organizations and events such as the Beauty and Money Conference, CosmoProf, Coterie, WWD Beauty Summit, and Pro Safety Group.


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