Fuel Distribution

Fuel A Successful Future

Fuel distribution businesses engage with numerous entities across the supply chain that can present significant opportunities to diversify into new markets, such as wholesale and retail, as well as those brought on by technology shifts and other industry trends.

However, operating within such a heavily regulated industry brings complex compliance and tax challenges—as well as the need to navigate disruption from external drivers related to fluctuating global demand, production, and pricing for oil and gas and more.

Stay ahead of change and confidently pursue growth initiatives with guidance from our professionals, so your business can focus on what matters most: delivering your products and keeping the world moving.

Navigate Industry Challenges

Explore industry-focused solutions to manage tax, transactional, operations, and other key elements of your business with our guidance.

Execute Deals Confidently

Make stronger, more informed decisions and validate your position ahead of a transaction with an asset valuation. Achieve your goals by uncovering risks and issues early so you can strengthen your transaction strategy.

Enter a deal fully-prepared with our Transactions, Valuations, Due Diligence, and Merger Management Services.

Avoid Tax Penalties

Ever-changing nexus laws could have major implications for businesses like fuel distribution that operate across state lines when tax obligations aren’t properly monitored.

Staying proactive with tax planning can help determine which taxes you owe, when they need to be paid, and what strategies to reduce obligations might be available—so you can avoid missed deadlines that result in costly fines or suspended licenses.

Collectively managing tax returns and other needs of holding companies, operating entities, and leasing entities can also help streamline the demands related to reporting requirements.

Additionally, conducting business with operations and customers in petroleum companies across the globe brings its own set of international tax challenges.

Stay up-to-date with the additional state and global tax forms, deadlines, and filing requirements that can overwhelm your business with our State & Local Tax and International Tax Services.

Secure Stakeholder Confidence

Businesses pursuing growth opportunities, especially private equity-backed businesses, often require financial statement audits and reviews to secure funds and sources of capital from lenders and investors. Meeting stakeholder demands, however, can drain significant time and resources.

Provide assurance to your stakeholders and demonstrate your financial and operational stability with Financial Statement Audit Services and more.

Our professionals have unique industry specialization focused on the fuel distribution space and can confidently engage with you on regulatory and reporting focused topics.

Demonstrate ESG Standards

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures are now standard for many organizations as public awareness grows around an expanse of principles and priorities.

Stakeholders—including investors, lenders, customers, and employees—value transparency, accuracy, and consistency of ESG issues and related risks at levels equal to a company’s financial reporting.

Validate the reliability of your ESG reporting to your key stakeholders with third-party assurance from ESG Assurance Services.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Tap into your business’s data to inform your strategy and streamline operations.

Implementing systems that provide a comprehensive view of your operations allows your business to run in an integrated, collaborative manner—helping boost efficiencies and reliability.

Leverage the power of IT software solutions to transform your company into a data-driven organization with our Enterprise System Consulting, IT Development & Integration, IT Assessment & Planning Services, and more.

Navigate Transition Planning

Privately-held fuel distribution businesses often face additional challenging decisions related to family dynamics and family office needs. For business owners near retirement, planning to pass the business on to family or new leadership can be a complicated process—one that should commence years ahead of the actual turnover.

Privately held business owners should integrate both the business’s needs and their personal financial goals when determining plans for future management, finding the right successor, and the legacy they’d like to leave behind.

Envision your next business and life chapter with our Individual Financial Planning, Organizational Planning, Succession Planning Consulting Services, and more.

Who We Serve

Wholesale and retail clients from across the fuel distribution process look to our professionals for guidance including:

  • Oil and gas transportation
  • Jobber and petroleum marketers
  • Tank and terminal storage
  • Pipeline operators
  • Liquefied petroleum gas dealers
  • Convenience stores
  • Retail gas stations, c-store and truck stops
  • Cardlock
  • Wholesale petroleum, bulk oil, and lubricants

Expansive Industry Experience

Deeply immersed within the fuel distribution industry, our professionals have extensive knowledge of the nuanced operations of distribution businesses as well other connected sectors such as retail, oil and gas, and more. Our collaborative approach takes the time to understand the specifics of your busines­­s needs and strategically develop unique solutions contextualized among greater industry trends and activity.

We have significant experience navigating sensitive, complex environments and situations privately-held businesses often face where personal and business goals and challenges are intricately tied.

Additionally, our one-firm approach allows your organization to tap into the full resources of our firm, integrating guidance and solutions related to other integral support areas.


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