Single Audit Overview: Common Findings and Pitfalls

Presented on August 25, 2022

Matt Dinsdale, Senior Manager, Moss Adams
Sheila Herrera, Senior Manager, Moss Adams
Arthur Ngo, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

With the influx of federal funding related to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and other COVID-19 legislation, many organizations, governments, and for-profit entities will be faced with new compliance requirements and programs that will be audited. These organizations will be required to undergo a single audit for the first time, as their spending will now exceed the $750,000 threshold for a single fiscal year.

Watch our on-demand webcast, Single Audit Overview: Common Findings and Pitfalls, in which we provide an overview of the single audit requirements and how the generally accepted auditing standards and the government auditing standards apply to the compliance audit. We cover strategies to help your organization, government, or company stay in compliance and discuss resources available to help avoid and solve common single audit problems.

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