Same Firm. New Look.

Thank you for visiting Moss Adams Wealth Advisors. We’re excited to announce that Moss Adams has launched a new brand and a new website—and that’s where you’ll find us.

As of June 20, Moss Adams is going to market as one firm, offering accounting, consulting, and wealth management services. The teams—and the legal entity—behind Moss Adams Wealth Advisors still exist, doing the same work. It’s how we’re talking about our firm and our services that’s changed.

What Does This Mean for You?

You’ll continue to be served by the same team with the same high quality service you’ve always enjoyed. You can find information about our people and our services, as well as all of our great content, on the Moss Adams site. Explore what Moss Adams has to offer through our accounting, consulting, and wealth management services. You can also go directly to our Wealth Management pages.

How does Moss Adams bring more West to business?

Firm leaders Chris Schmidt, Dave Follett, and Rebecca Pomering give an overview of why we're redefining our brand and what it means.