Business Reinvention Workshops

COVID-19 disruption has forced business leaders to confront challenging new realities—with many questioning every aspect of their business looking toward the months and years ahead.

Keep your business moving forward by developing strategic solutions that map out your next steps through a customized Business Reinvention Workshop. 

Our workshop will inspire your company to innovate in new ways—so you can redefine your business strategy and confidently navigate this unprecedented change. 

Move Forward with Resilience

A Business Reinvention Workshop can help you organize business goals and key priorities so your leaders can develop new solutions that work with the people, tools, and knowledge already central to your business.

This workshop can also help uncover new approaches and insight in order to forge your new path and identify when to bring in additional resources if needed.

Working with your Moss Adams team and our partner Platypus Labs—a leading driver of innovation solutions—your leaders will learn:

  • Critical problem-solving tools to create or improve products or services
  • Innovative techniques to generate new solutions to current and future challenges
  • Methods to effectively gather, systemically prioritize, and critically evaluate new solutions
  • Skills to identify necessary starting points to make your ideas a reality
  • Actions to rally your team members toward common goals during difficult times

New strategic plans can also help your business identify opportunity areas around cash flow, transactions, valuations, debt management, operational needs, and more.

Workshop Format

An introductory call with our professionals will assess the specifics and priorities of your business. Then, we’ll set up several two-hour-long virtual sessions that include group and individual exercises, lively discussions, and step-by-step design process developments aimed at devising impactful innovations.

You’ll work closely with our advisors to establish a specific action plan that motivates your team, helps generate new ideas that can be applied to your business, and establishes steps to put those ideas to work.

After the workshop, you’ll have continued dialogue with your advisors for the necessary follow-up to help you implement these strategies and stay on target.

Contact your Moss Adams professional to start planning your next steps now.