Sales and Use Tax Compliance

Prosperity is built on the ability to recognize and pursue opportunity. But with state-, county-, city-, and district-level taxes, it’s nearly impossible for companies to ensure accurate and efficient compliance on their own. That often means money is left on the table.

Fulfill your sales and use tax compliance needs—including registering, filing, and remitting—with the help of our professionals. You can outsource your compliance needs or bring us in-house as outsourced staff.

Your situation is unique, and we can help you manage compliance requirements and enhance productivity in the following ways:

  • Extension of your team. When you’re short-staffed, we can step in as needed so the shift in resources is seamless. Our knowledge of sales and use tax compliance software and systems allows us to work as an extension of your team to meet deadlines.
  • Industry experience. If you’re falling behind for any reason, we’ll get you up to speed quickly to avoid late filings and penalties. Get organized while developing a sustainable process for maintaining sales and use tax records for audit purposes utilizing our years of private industry experience.
  • Compliance knowledge. If you’re new to sales and use tax requirements, we can help you register with the necessary taxing authorities and continue to provide guidance while you get on your feet.

We can also help you with more than your compliance efforts. We can perform a taxability or nexus study to determine which of your products and services are taxable, in which states, and at which rate. If you’ve been selected for an audit by a taxing authority, we can help mitigate your exposure. If you’re concerned you’ve overpaid, we can conduct a refund review to identify the areas where you’ve paid too much.

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