Sales & Use Tax Refund Review

Businesses operating and paying sales and use tax in numerous jurisdictions could be at risk for significant overpayments due to the complexity of multistate sales and use tax laws.

Conducting a sales and use tax refund review to identify any overpayments could help your business recover cash to put back into your business.

Identify your sales and use tax overpayments and navigate the complex refund process with guidance from our professionals—so you can regain cash while staying focused on growing your business.

Overpayment Risks

Businesses especially prone to overpayments often operate in industries that heavily invest in manufacturing machinery and equipment, research and development equipment, telecommunications equipment, software, and more.

Overpayment reviews can be particularly helpful for businesses that recently:

  • Invested substantially in operations—such as starting a new business line with investment in machinery and equipment
  • Experienced turnover in the company’s sales tax or accounts payable divisions
  • Relied on manual sales tax calculation processes or recently implemented a new General Ledger system

Solutions and Refunds

Leveraging analysis technology to assess potential refunds, our data-driven review process works to increase efficiency and thoroughness of the refund claim life cycle.

How the Process Works

Guiding you each step of the way, our professionals review your purchase history to quantify and document the potential refund to negotiate with minimal disruption to your business.

Once the project is complete, you can also receive recommendations and training to incorporate changes to help reduce potential similar recurring sales and use tax overpayments.

Potential Project Timeline

While refund timelines can vary by project, our professionals work to streamline engagements through improved communications and IT support.

Expansive Expertise for Local Issues

Collaboratively engaging with your team, our professionals work as an extension of your operations so you remain updated on project progress with minimal resource commitment.

Navigating the complexities of tax jurisdictions in all 50 states, we’ve fostered long-term working relationships with various state and local tax agencies that can enhance communications among stakeholders in the long-term.

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