Sales & Use Tax Refund Review

Provide your business with cash-saving opportunities and help avoid penalties and fees down the road by conducting a sales and use tax refund review.

Companies often face challenges when trying to comply with regulation changes. With more than 9,000 state, local, and district-level jurisdictions—in addition to varying state tax laws—misunderstandings often lead to missed savings opportunities.

A refund review can help you secure sales tax refunds and avoid future overpayments.

Who Can Benefit

Refund reviews can help companies that pay sales and use tax for the purchase of goods and services. The review is particularly helpful for businesses with hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in annual expenditures that have recently done any of the following:

  • Invested substantially in operations—such as purchasing large equipment or starting a new business line
  • Experienced turnover in the sales tax or accounts payable divisions
  • Used manual processes or recently implemented an automated tax system
  • Been audited by a state and local tax agency in the last three-to-four years

While agencies may identify a company’s tax deficiencies, our professionals can help you mitigate those deficiencies by offsetting them with sales and use tax refunds. This may also result in additional interest liability savings.

How We Serve You

Throughout the refund recovery process, you’ll have direct access to our industry leaders and dedicated sales tax professionals. We’ll identify overpayments, secure your refund, and manage the refund process—so you can stay focused on growing your business.

Our Approach

  • Identify potential refunds or underpayments. With industry-specific experience and advanced technology solutions, we review your purchase history for potential overpayments and help you recover sales and use tax you can reinvest in your business. We also review for potential underpayments to avoid any future net liability. 
  • Negotiate and secure the refund. We represent our clients throughout the entire refund process, negotiating with jurisdictions or vendors and securing the sales tax refund without disrupting your workflow.
  • Recommend process improvements and provide training. We review our findings with you and provide recommendations to reduce future potential sales and use tax liabilities. Our clients receive complimentary training and guidance to incorporate the changes and avoid similar overpayments going forward.

Serving Your Business

With over 100 years of combined experience in providing refund reviews, we’ve saved our clients millions of dollars in sales tax refunds.

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