Executive Education

For a health care organization to successfully transform itself through lean methodology, your leadership must become excellent teachers and coaches.

In the beginning of your lean journey, our professionals put you on a path to success by planning and facilitating value-stream mapping and kaizen workshops. At the same time, your leaders should prepare to take over this critical transformational role in improvement work.

Our Executive Education program supports the transformation of leaders into teachers and coaches within your organization by training them on methods and solutions to improve processes and solve problems. Your leaders may also consider becoming certified in the lean skills necessary to lead improvement work independently.

Certification Overview

The eight-day curriculum includes 11 modules of classroom instruction, interactive exercises, and simulations—and covers the core competencies needed to support and sustain initial lean efforts, including kaizen and 5S workshops. Topics include transforming health care, value stream management, lean management system, 5S and visual management, standard work, how to run a kaizen workshop, continuous flow, mistake proofing, quick setup, and kanban.

Following the program, a module marathon event gives participants the opportunity to consolidate and demonstrate what they learned by teaching back portions of the material and obtaining feedback from facilitators.

Certification takes place through completion of the classroom modules and a written exam, and participating in a value-stream mapping workshop and three kaizen workshops as team member, team leader, and workshop leader.

Maintaining Certification

Executives may maintain their certification by planning and facilitating at least two workshops per year. Executive education modules are also used individually or in smaller combinations to support proof-of-concept efforts for the three-day First Steps program or other specific events or programs.

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