Study Mission

For health care leaders who are new to lean methodology, it’s helpful to fully immerse yourself in lean culture and witness its extraordinary transformational power in practice.

Our study mission is designed to deepen your understanding of lean principles, systems, and tools—ultimately broadening your vision for improvement possibilities.

How Study Missions Work

The study mission dives deep into lean culture by helping leaders:

  • Learn and observe the Toyota Production System and Toyota Management System firsthand
  • Find lean solutions to improve your own company during workshop sessions
  • Exchange lean experiences among attendees from different industries

Onsite Visits

Demonstrating the concept of going to gemba, or visiting the actual workplace, we’ll bring you to observe companies that demonstrate excellence in lean fundamentals. Host companies are so committed to lean thinking that they’re willing to share their success stories in hopes of inspiring others and even challenge themselves to keep rising to higher performance levels.

After a company tour, the group discusses and documents the following:

  • Effective methods observed and their supporting principles
  • Driving systems behind these methods
  • How systems could be adapted in your health care organization to drive similar behavior

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