Medical Education Programs

We have extensive experience working with a wide variety of teaching hospitals, and our skilled team members can help you meet some of your most complex challenges, including:

  • How resident rotations are to be counted for IME and GME reimbursement
  • Compiling resident FTE counts for the IRIS diskette from various types of rotation schedules, whether they’re based on monthly blocks, weekly rotation schedules, or even rotation schedules completed in half-day increments for the entire year
  • Proper reporting of Section 5503 FTE cap adjustments, as applicable
  • Identifying and capturing FTE counts in nonprovider settings for cost reporting purposes
  • Verifying that all applicable nonprovider settings have been included in your institution’s FTE count—and if not, what steps should be taken to include in future years
  • Working with new teaching hospitals to establish the per resident amount (PRA), which is set in the first full year of the program, and ensuring the FTE caps are set correctly in the fifth full year
  • Compiling pro formas for new programs on the estimated revenues from residents, preceptors, operating expenses, and estimated IME and GME reimbursement based on your specific hospital structure
  • Providing an overview to C suite and other hospital personnel on data to be maintained in order to optimize IME and GME reimbursement
  • Working with teaching hospitals on countable and noncountable rotations based on current CMS criteria


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