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Moss Adams Publishes First Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Firm focused on encouraging community involvement, reducing environmental impact

SEATTLE – March 26, 2013 Moss Adams LLP, one of the largest and among the oldest accounting and business consulting firms in the nation, today announced the release of its first corporate social responsibility report. The report provides an overview of social responsibility programs currently underway at the firm, outlining specific performance indicators and future goals to aid employees and key stakeholders in benchmarking the progress and success of the organization in the future.

“For the past 11 years, we’ve been an integral part of helping our clients measure and report on their environmental and social performance. Now it is our turn to ‘walk the talk’,” said Bob Bunting, former CEO and Sustainability Services Practice leader at Moss Adams. “By reporting on our past accomplishments and future goals, this report is our stake in the ground for our own commitment to transparency and accountability.”

The report, available on the Moss Adams website here, focuses on three key areas: commitment to people, investing in communities and environmental sustainability. It outlines current programs and compares many significant achievements and areas for improvement against industry standards, allowing readers to compare the practices at Moss Adams to those of other similar-sized firms and applicable companies.

Key programs and achievements in the 2012 corporate social responsibility report include:

  • Forum_W: Facing an industry norm of women underrepresented at the top levels of the accounting profession, Forum_W was formed to find ways to better attract, retain, develop and advance women at the firm and to
    share best practices with other firms. The percentage of women partners at Moss Adams is at an all-time high
    (24 percent), surpassing that of the Big Four and similar-sized firms.
  • Moss Adams Foundation: With a focus on developing future talent, Moss Adams makes a point to cultivate and maintain relationships with the colleges and universities in its local communities. Through the foundation, employees and partners are able to double the impact of their charitable donations to these local institutions, providing financial support to students interested in business and accounting programs.
  • Location, Location, Location: As the report notes, Moss Adams is maintaining steady growth throughout the firm. One of the main goals as the firm expands is to make environmentally conscious decisions about its new office space, targeting green buildings in areas where mass transit or carpooling options are available. The firm currently occupies five LEED-certified buildings, accounting for 46 percent of its total office space. With a goal of 70 percent of office space in LEED buildings by 2018, the firm looks toward these buildings to help reduce water use and energy consumption per employee as well.

The report was conducted and released under the Global Reporting Initiative’s G3.1 guidelines and self-declaring Application Level C. In addition, the report includes a letter from William Robinson, president emeritus of Whitworth University in Spokane, Washington, who serves as the independent observer for the Moss Adams Executive Committee, attending all meetings and reviewing materials that inform the firm’s decision making. All of these elements distinctly set the Moss Adams corporate social responsibility report apart from others.

“As we look ahead to our future and celebrate our centennial this year, one thought consistently on our minds is how to ensure the continued sustainability of our firm,” said Chris Schmidt, Moss Adams chairman and CEO-elect. “We are proud of our achievements thus far, but we need to start thinking now about how to grow and thrive as a business for the next 100 years. This starts with ensuring we act responsibly towards our people and the communities we work in as well as remaining environmentally conscious.”

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