2023 Real Estate Tax Assessment Appeal Deadline in Oregon Approaches

Oregon property owners have limited time to review their property tax assessments and determine whether challenging their values might lead to assessment reductions.

Key Date for 2023 Assessment Appeals

As an Oregon property owner or manager, it’s crucial to be aware of county property tax appeal deadlines.

This year, the County Board of Property Tax Appeals deadline is January 2, 2024; an extended date due to the normal December 31 deadline falling on the holiday weekend.

Perform Annual Property Tax Reviews

A thorough annual property review and analysis program can provide a beneficial check to calculations and valuation methods used in the property tax process. Implementing an annual property tax review can identify potential corrections or adjustments that may result in property tax reductions.

You may be able to increase your review efficiency and accuracy by including a professional real property taxation advisor in your processes. Professionals are familiar with local county agencies and understand the county appeals process and administrative procedures.

Property Tax Considerations

Working with a property tax professional helps taxpayers:

  • Verify that property tax assessed values and taxes are fair and equitable
  • Identify and quantify declines in property value caused by reduced rents, occupancy, or property use
  • Determine if newly constructed property, including renovations and remodel work, is addressed properly by the assessment authority
  • Analyze recent or pending assessments from property acquisitions for over-valuation issues
  • Provide tax estimate insight for existing assets, including proposed developments and proposed acquisitions for forecasting purposes.

We’re Here to Help

If you own or manage commercial, industrial, or multifamily property in Oregon and are searching for property tax guidance, please contact your Moss Adams professional.

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