Get Started in Data Analytics with Turnkey Solutions

Presented on:
November 17, 2021 12:00 PM PT
30 minutes

Using data analytics to drive decision making is the newest best practice in business—but can be daunting for organizations who have a limited budget or lack an IT team to build out a solution.

Join us for our webcast to learn about turnkey data analytics solutions that can help eliminate manual processes and increase data usage, so you can run your business more effectively without breaking the bank.

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Loren Den Herder, Managing Director, Moss Adams

Loren has provided business process and information technology consulting services since 1993. As the firm's leader of business intelligence and corporate performance management solutions, he delivers leading-edge technology solutions for clients. His experience spans enterprise solutions including finance, human resources, operations, customer relations, business intelligence (BI), and corporate performance management.

K.C. Fike, CISA, AWS Big Data, Senior Manager, Moss Adams

K.C. has worked in consultancy and data analytics since 2004. With his data and advanced analytics experience, he has led companies in developing analytic strategies, utilizing data to achieve business objectives, implementing business model changes that reduce costs, developing continuous auditing processes, and architecting data warehouses.

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