Fuel Tax Exemptions, Credits, and Savings

Start time:
July 16, 2024 10:00 AM PT
30 minutes
Chad Poggioli, Moss Adams, 858-627-5503
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Join us for our webcast, Fuel Tax Exemptions, Credits, and Savings, to learn more about the exemptions and tax credits associated with the fuel excise tax and how they can help uncover cost-saving opportunities and offset the tax’s expense.

Key topics include:

  • The US fuel excise tax and its purpose
  • How the tax encourages fuel conservation and alternative fuel use
  • Federal fuel excise tax exemptions for agriculture and off-road use
  • State fuel excise taxes and their exemptions
  • Importance of reviewing requirements and consulting with a tax professional


Dustin Hubbard, CPA, Director, Moss Adams

Dustin has worked in public accounting since 2004, providing state and local tax advisory and compliance services to large multistate companies in various industries. He regularly advises corporations and pass-through entities on state income or franchise tax, sales and use tax, and incentives issues. Dustin also leads consulting engagements for income and franchise tax, and sales and use tax compliance.

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