Automotive Aftermarket

Prepare For The Road Ahead

Demand for aftermarket parts used for car maintenance, car upgrades, new markets created by electric and hybrid vehicle sales, and other external drivers present significant opportunities for automotive aftermarket businesses.

However, challenges are always present in the sector that is, by its nature, tied closely to the rest of the automobile industry. Shifting interest rates and consumer confidence can impact sales as development in electronic vehicles also brings uncertainty along with opportunity—all within a heavily regulated environment that requires strict compliance with evolving local, state, and federal tax complexities.

Discover how our industry-focused services can help your business stay focused on what matters most: growing your business profitably.

Navigate Industry Challenges

Stay ahead of change with our advisory solutions.

Execute Deals Confidently

Make stronger, more informed decisions and validate your position ahead of a transaction by uncovering risks and issues early.

Achieve your goals and strengthen your transaction strategy to take advantage of the growing interest in automotive aftermarket businesses with the rising presence of private equity in the industry.

Enter a deal with precision and intent with our Transactions ConsultingAutomotive & Dealership ValuationsDue DiligenceM&A Tax Services, and more.

Prioritize Transition Planning

For business owners near retirement, planning to pass the business on to family or new leadership can be a complicated process—one that should commence years ahead of the actual turnover.

Privately held business owners should integrate both the business’s needs and their personal financial goals when determining plans for future management, finding the right successor, and the legacy they’d like to leave behind.

Envision your next business and life chapter with our Individual Financial PlanningOrganizational PlanningSuccession Planning Consulting Services, and more.

Streamline Accounting Functions

Evaluate the efficiency of your accounting department to verify your systems function properly to help identify opportunities and weaknesses in your financial operations.

Utilizing our Systems Control & Operations Risk Evaluation (SCORE) program, our professionals work with your accounting team to identify key areas of risk—including cash management, parts and service operations, inventory management, financing and insurance, schedules, and fraud risk.

Avoid Tax Penalties

Ever-changing nexus laws could have major implications for businesses that operate and sell across state lines when tax obligations aren’t properly monitored.

Staying proactive with tax planning can help determine which taxes you owe, when they need to be paid, and what strategies to reduce obligations might be available—so you can avoid missed deadlines that result in costly fines.

Stay up-to-date with the additional state and global tax forms, deadlines, and filing requirements that can overwhelm your business with our State & Local Tax and International Tax Services.

Boost Cash Flow

Put money back into your business through tax strategies that can help leverage credits, incentives, and more.

Cost segregation studies can help property owners that build remodel, expand, or purchase a facility avoid paying federal and state income taxes earlier than necessary.

Additionally, businesses often overlook R&D tax credits that can help offset spending when designing, developing, or improving processes, products, techniques, formulas, and more.

Identify opportunities for your business to access funds with our Tax Credits & Incentives Services.

Implement industry-focused accounting functions with our Accounting Method Services and more.

Protect Valuable Data and Assets

Cybercriminals infiltrate businesses at alarming rates with targets including trade secrets, sensitive business information, financial systems, and more.

A security breach could have massive financial and reputational implications for your company—ranging from regulatory penalties, infrastructure disruption, stolen funds, and damaged customer relationships—if sensitive data leaks.

The most effective way to mitigate a breach is to prevent one from happening. Test your current systems, or implement new ones, to evaluate your safety levels and identify controls you need for further preventive measures.

Prepare your business before a cyberattack strikes with our Cybersecurity Services.

Expansive Industry Experience

Deeply immersed within the automotive aftermarket industry, our professionals have extensive knowledge of the nuanced operations of aftermarket businesses as well other connected sectors. Our collaborative approach takes the time to understand the specifics of your business needs and strategically develop unique solutions contextualized among greater industry trends and activity.

We advise clients at all intervals of development—from start-up, to rapid growth and expansion, to transition. Our professionals personally engage your business while delivering the depth of resources needed for large enterprises or those scaling up and pursuing growth opportunities and the nuanced ecosystem that surrounds it.

We have significant experience navigating sensitive, complex environments and situations family-owned businesses often face where personal and business goals and challenges are intricately tied. Additionally, our one-firm approach allows your organization to tap into the full resources of our firm, integrating guidance and solutions related to other integral support areas.

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