Programmatic Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation

Securing grants can open significant opportunities to enact change and pursue your organization’s mission, but without proper grant management you could miss out on identifying ways to strengthen the grant’s impact and effectiveness—both programmatically and fiscally.  

Enhance your initial grant applications, determine strategic use for secured funds, evaluate the impact of funds expended, and more with strategic grant management support.

Organizations often lack the time or resources to devote to the grant administration process. Our professionals can help your organization leverage your existing resources and build an ongoing grant management program, so you stay focused on achieving the goals of your grant-funded program.

Guidance Across Your Grant Life Cycle

Effective program management can support your organization throughout the entire life cycle of the grant process—whether you’re in the early stages of applying for funds or seeking to demonstrate the impact of already-secured grants.

Key components of grant management can include support in:

  • Planning. Strategically plan for grant administration, bolster the likelihood of securing funds, and more—especially if your organization has limited experience. This includes capacity building to ensure the right structure is in place to effectively administer a grant. Evaluate how to strategically spend funds to help achieve goals, initiatives, and community impact.
  • Monitoring. Monitor the administration of the grant, including its adherence to policies and procedures, to confirm that the grant's intended purpose is being effectively achieved.
  • Program Evaluations. Measure the success of your grant, including defining and assessing metrics to evaluate the impact of those programs, and confirm the grant funds are being used for the intended purpose.
  • Training. Unify and solidify policy and approach to grant program management within your organization to provide foundations for long-term success.

How Grant Management Can Support Goals and Drive Success

Though program oversight by an independent third party is commonly required to determine the eligibility and effectiveness of your plan, a comprehensive, detailed dive into your processes and current state can help reveal new insights and opportunities for improvement. This includes those potentially out of reach for in-house teams without the resources to execute proper internal audits and continuous monitoring.

In addition to maintaining grant compliance with rules outlined by local, state, federal, or other offices, grant management program evaluations can provide numerous benefits to your organization, including:

  • Quantify societal impact. Access tangible data to how your program benefits individuals or society and calculate the cost per outcome or social return on investment.
  • Enhance beneficiary understanding. Learn information about the types of participants most or least likely to benefit from a particular aspect of your program.
  • Reveal underperforming program elements. Locate and isolate what, if any, aspects of your program are less important to its success and course-correct as needed.
  • Establish program consistency. Receive answers about how well your plan is implemented, and whether or not it’s doing so with fidelity to a predetermined model or standard.

 Two types of assessments can help your organization evaluate progress:

  • Implementation studies. Reports that evaluate effectiveness of your implementation plan as outlined in the grant application.
  • Impact studies. Studies that address whether or not your program is working for those it’s designed to help.  

Expansive Grant Management and Industry Experience

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals provide grant management, compliance, and internal audit solutions including grant application guidance, grant management, compliance support, and internal audit solutions for a range of organizations, including tax-exempt entities, not-for-profits, foundations, and more in government services, higher education, Tribal and gaming, and other sectors. We also have direct experience working with grant subrecipients to support their programmatic and financial reporting.  

We view challenges from the perspective of organizations’ leaders because many of our professionals previously worked in director and program manager roles within the not-for-profit and other sectors—and possess first-hand experience and knowledge in grant writing, public policy, and more.

Solutions are tailored to the nuances of your organization’s compliance processes in consideration of your greater operational and organizational needs—providing a foundation for long-term success so you’re prepared to manage your entire grant-making life cycle.

Social responsibility, environmental stewardship, inclusion and diversity, and other initiatives are also core to Moss Adams values and business practices—and drive how we engage our clients, people, and the communities where we live and work.

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