Grant Compliance

Secure and maintain federal, state, and local government grants by preparing to assure your stewardship of awarded funds aligns with the grant’s intended purpose—and effectively manage funding allocation.

Staying compliant with requirements that accompany grants—including spending and use of funds, programmatic and financial reporting, and frequency of recipient and subrecipient monitoring—is a complex process that can shift focus and resources away from mission-driven work and programs the grants support. Obtaining compliance support can help you build organizational capacity.

Avoid penalties and severe consequences that may accompany noncompliance—such as repayment of funds and even debarment—by implementing a dynamic grant compliance program. Support your employees in understanding applicable responsibilities and deploying ongoing internal monitoring so you can maintain eligibility for funding long into the future.

Proactive Compliance Support to Stay Ahead of Change

Confidently navigate management challenges—and stay current with ever-evolving compliance requirements—with guidance from our professionals.

From strengthening your internal operations to leveraging technology for support, we can help your organization:

  • Evaluate existing grant compliance functions and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Develop, and assist in implementing, grant compliance monitoring functions
  • Identify compliance risks early and implement corrective action
  • Perform subrecipient monitoring and provide technical assistance to subrecipients
  • Deploy a continuous improvement model
  • Train employees and those charged with governance on their roles and responsibilities
  • Develop written policies and procedures to foster compliance with laws and regulations and streamline internal processes

Navigate Fund Allocation

In addition to maintaining compliance for funds, we can help your organization plan for and navigate fund management to support your mission and goals.

Support areas can include:

  • Strategically plan how new funding will be spent
  • Engage necessary stakeholders in fund allocation planning
  • Assist in budget development
  • Develop continuous grant management plan

Key Focus Areas: Outsourced Support

Build internal capacity by outsourcing all or part of your grant compliance and subrecipient monitoring functions. Support your program teams and organization in executing programs successfully.

  • Policies and Procedures. Support your organization through a full review, update, development, and training of policies and procedures that promote compliance with grant management strategic practices and applicable compliance requirements.
  • Execution and Monitoring Functions. Outsource all or part of the grant compliance monitoring function to scale up and down as funding levels, planned programs, and requirements change. Engage a partner to assist with program startup, compliance monitoring with your prime funding agreements, regranting structure development, subrecipient monitoring, technical assistance and training, and more.
  • Subrecipient Awards. Collect required subrecipient reporting, review and monitor compliance, and execute desk reviews. Pass along strategic practices to your organization and the organizations you support.
  • Funder Reporting. Assure that the reporting provided to your funder is accurate, up to date, and timely—and that costs included are allowable, reasonable, and allocable for purposes of the award. Facilitate a smooth close-out with program reconciliations, subrecipient and prime agreement monitoring, and reporting.

How the Process Works

Move forward with a comprehensive evaluation of your grant compliance activities with our professionals supporting your organization through all aspects of a compliance assessment.

Develop a compliance program through a systematic four-phase process:

  • Formulate a compliance monitoring plan and policies. Confirm goals and objectives, define roles and responsibilities, and assess your current processes and controls around grant compliance monitoring functions. Develop a monitoring schedule, policies and procedures, templates, and tools.
  • Function Execution and Monitoring. Perform ongoing compliance monitoring throughout the grant life cycle. Implement the compliance monitoring plan, identify noncompliance and opportunities for improvement, develop corrective action plans, and report on and monitor results.
  • Plan for Subrecipient Awards. Assess your current processes and controls around subrecipient awards and develop a subrecipient monitoring plan. Identify subaward requirements, establish Request for Applications (RFAs), develop and execute subrecipient agreements, collect required reporting, and monitor subrecipient compliance.
  • Educate and Train Personnel. Support your grant compliance personnel with transition planning assistance, onboarding and training for new personnel, and delegation and responsibilities for ongoing monitoring.

Expansive Compliance and Industry Experience

Deeply immersed in more than 30 industries, our professionals provide grant compliance and internal audit solutions for a range of organizations, including tax-exempt entities, not-for-profits, foundations, and more in government services, higher education, Tribal and gaming, and other sectors. We serve state, county, city, and federal agencies—as well as Tribes, special purpose districts, higher education institutions, and more.

Our team has significant experience with the complex business and technical structure of public sector organizations and understands the intricacies of staying compliant with federal, state, and local funding regulations.

Partner with our grant compliance and consulting professionals who come from government, private industry, not-for-profits, and public accounting. Moss Adams has a dedicated strategic-practices team that offers full-time internal audit, grant compliance, and strategy and operations services. We can provide you with comprehensive support through our one-firm approach.

Solutions are tailored to the nuances of your organization’s compliance processes in consideration of your greater operational and organizational needs—providing a foundation for long-term success so you’re prepared to meet the ever-changing requirements of grant funding.

Social responsibility, environmental stewardship, inclusion and diversity, and other initiatives are also core to Moss Adams values and business practices—and drive how we engage our clients, people, and the communities where we live and work.


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