Behavioral Health

Demand for mental health services continues to spike, placing major pressure on behavioral health organizations to address regulatory, clinical, and business challenges.  

This accelerated growth, however, can also bring significant opportunity—if organizations proactively address operational barriers and inefficiencies, and develop strategic plans to enhance infrastructure and strengthen bottom lines.

Confidently navigate the business complexities of behavioral health—so your organization can focus on what matters most: serving your patients and delivering quality care.

Navigate Industry Challenges

Explore how our health care-focused services can help your organization move forward.

Maintain Government Compliance

Changes to federal and state regulations to address the ongoing transformation in how care is delivered make maintaining compliance for providers extraordinarily difficult—and bring severe risk such as fines, potential loss of ability to operate, and more.

Establish a compliance program—or enhance an existing one—that supports your goals by demonstrating how your organization meets or exceeds applicable legal requirements—protecting your investors, owners, employees, and patients in the process.

Develop key administrative infrastructure functions for effective and compliant recording of consent, documentation controls, coding, billing, and collections for health care services.

Guidance can include insight on how to structure and develop controls for your program, as well as to audit, monitor, and mentor your staff.

Key focus areas can include:

  • Analysis of services, including consent process, operations, and key requirements for program delivery
  • Assessment of revenue cycle management (RCM)
  • Assistance with development of fee (CDM) schedules
  • RCM workflow
  • Provider enrollment
  • Compliance officer mentoring and mentoring agreement reviews
  • Coding documentation for accuracy assessment
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulation communications

Execute Deals Confidently

Health care mergers and acquisitions require buyers and sellers clearly understand their respective opportunities and risks, especially as a rise in transactions occur in the behavioral health space.

Understand all aspects of the investment market and act on your transaction methodology and target goals from start to finish—whether you’re considering a transaction or already have investors.

Address the full spectrum of your tax and assurance requirements ahead of a deal, as well as explore solutions to help improve operations, tax strategy, IT, and other drivers that improve earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA). ​

We provide support throughout the business life cycle. Conducting engagements for private equity-backed health care organizations, our professionals understand the demands firms place on portfolio companies for reporting and generating results—as well as accounting and guidance considerations for growth organizations with significant venture capital, private equity, or private investor backing.​

Our industry-specific expertise in private equity can help quickly identify issues and solutions to smoothly and efficiently close transactions.

Protect Valuable Data

Smartphones, tablets, and other devices increasingly replacing conventional record-keeping systems bring potential cyber-risks that could expose patients’ sensitive private data.

Cyberattacks can prove damaging to both your financial operations and reputation, as well as put you at risk of not maintaining HIPPA compliance.

Test your current systems to evaluate your safety levels and identify controls you need for further preventive measures—or determine if implementing a new system could provide enhanced support—with our Cybersecurity Services.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Leverage the power of data-driven resources and IT solutions to help boost your operational efficiencies through access to comprehensive, real-time views of your entire business.

Illuminate vital data to transform your business into a collaborative, data-focused organization. Enterprise systems can also provide insight into greater safety, quality, and compliance.

Test or enhance your technology standing with our Enterprise Systems Consulting, IT Development & Integration, Technology Strategy Services, and more.

Evolve Operations Strategically

As the health care industry evolves from a foundation built on volume to one built on value and outcomes, organizations often struggle to proactively manage the effects and pace of change. Organizations must simultaneously focus on supporting key stakeholders such as providers, patient population, and overall risk.

Drive efficiency, streamline operations, and uncover opportunity in a time of rapid industry upheaval so you can execute and act on your plans.

Achieve your goals with our professionals helping you focus on:

Navigate Internal Audits

Establishing an internal audit function or strengthening internal control structures of current functions can help your organization maintain regulatory compliance, coding validation, EHR internal controls, and other key areas.

Reduce risk of fraud, billing errors, or other areas that could lead to significant disruption and drain time and resources if potential issues aren’t monitored properly or identified early.  

Evaluate or establish internal control structures with our Regulatory Compliance Services.

We’re All In

Behavioral health providers nationwide look to our solutions for support, including:

  • Telehealth providers and platforms ​
  • Outpatient mental health centers
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation hospitals​
  • Not-for-profit, federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), and community-based mental health providers​
  • Residential and adolescent treatment facilities ​
  • Substance use disorder providers
  • Private equity and venture capital funds

Expansive Health Care Expertise

Going beyond just audit and tax services, our professionals take a holistic, comprehensive approach to your business challenges—delivering customized solutions unique to the nuances and needs of your organization.

We view challenges from the perspective of health care leaders because many of our professionals previously worked in executive roles within the industry and possess first-hand experience and knowledge of what it takes to pursue your goals.

2024 Executive Health Care Conference

2024 Executive Health Care Conference

Explore pressing issues facing health care leaders and how your organization plan for what’s next at our 2024 Executive Health Care Conference.


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