Internal Audit

Compliance, Confidence, Efficiency

Achieving reliable financial reports and regulatory compliance. Navigating risks. Streamlining operations. Promoting stakeholder confidence. The benefits of a high-quality internal audit are limitless—especially when you secure yours from a firm with deep industry experience, exposure to hundreds of organizations, dedicated professionals, bench strength, and proven methodologies.

Whether you’re looking to establish an internal audit function, attain or maintain compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 (SOX 404) or government contracts, mitigate your risk of fraud, or gain an overall assessment of your internal controls, you can count on Moss Adams for reliable and timely business solutions.

We’ve helped organizations nationwide and across industries to establish internal control structures, create an internal audit function or improve an existing one, and maintain regulatory compliance. We provide ongoing education as regulations and public perceptions change. We are trusted advisors for management and boards. External auditors can be confident in our work and its results. Let Moss Adams be a turnkey solution for your organization.


Risk is complicated. That’s why it’s important to set up controls that also include your third-party service providers. COSO provides a framework that can help you outline and implement a plan to identify, assess, respond, and monitor your risk.

Organizations of all sizes have risk—whether it’s in their operations, compliance, or financial reporting. We give an overview of these three main risk areas to help you find out where your risks are lurking so you can move on to correcting them.

State of Governance Survey Report: An analysis of corporate governance practices among middle-market US companies.

Companies such as Costco, Rite Aid, Target, and Home Depot continue to feel the effects of failures in their internal controls. While there's no implication that these companies or others were negligent, the question persists: Could these hacks, data breaches, and instances of fraud have been prevented?

Your organization is at risk. And compliance and organizational risk are the primary challenges experienced across industries. Many risks are apparent and can be addressed easily while some risks are pervasive or less obvious. A reactionary response to this type of risk can be expensive and disruptive. But does it have to be this way?

Join us as we show you how to leverage the COSO 2013 Framework to address compliance, regulatory or operational requirements, how to move beyond financial reporting compliance risk with the steps you can take to quickly address other business risks and objectives, and how to leverage this framework to apply it across your organization’s enterprise risk management.

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