Global Indirect Tax

Multinational businesses with operations or customers overseas must prepare for potential global tax complications by identifying indirect tax risks and requirements before they impact your supply chain or profitability.   

Take control of your business’ value-added taxes (VAT), goods and services taxes (GST), and other global indirect taxes with international tax guidance delivered by our US-based team—so you can get these ever-changing and complex tax obligations done right the first time.

Proactive Tax Solutions

Industries that often face the most complicated international tax obligations that can benefit from global indirect tax reviews include:

  • Life sciences
  • Financial institutions
  • Retail and ecommerce
  • Technology
  • Communications and media

Staying ahead of your indirect tax requirements can help bring significant benefits down the road. Our professionals are deeply immersed in a range of industries and business types, so we can help you identify specific obstacles and stay a step ahead as new markets and products are deployed.

Global Tax Guidance

Pursue VAT Refunds

While it’s important to remain compliant with VAT and other regulations in increasingly complicated international tax environments, it’s possible you may be eligible for VAT refunds or have an opportunity to reduce your indirect tax liability.

Closely monitoring these opportunities can help you reduce your indirect tax expense and risk, so you have additional money to reinvest into your business.

Combat Resource Shortages

For businesses experiencing rapid growth and expansion, or that recently acquired an international presence, it can be difficult to scale up and secure the additional necessary support in place at launch.

Bolster your in-house team with our assistance on global compliance, process and data requirements, automation, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) design. We can work as part of your organization as you open new markets and deliver new products to customers.

Collect Data Efficiently

Deliver accurate and complete tax returns by transforming your business operations into a data-driven organization. It’s crucial to determine what types of data your business collects and how it influences your decisions.

Assess your tax technology requirements to determine which data elements you need to collect, store, and analyze so you can establish a strong tax data culture.

Build Tax-Efficient Supply Chains

Knowing the indirect tax needs of your supply chain can be critical to its success.

Analyze your end-to-end supply chain so you can manage your indirect tax requirements including documentation, tax registrations, data capture, technology needs, and more.

Identify Improvement Areas

Review your physical or digital supply chain to identify areas for improvement to reduce indirect tax expense, improve cash flow, and support accurate and timely compliance.

Expansive International Expertise

Collaborating closely with your staff, our professionals conduct a deep assessment to understand your nontax business drivers to develop tax solutions that support your corporate objectives. Once defined, you’ll receive talent and technology-focused strategies to help maintain a consistent and scalable indirect tax function.

Our membership in Praxity, AISBL—a global alliance of independent accounting firms—also connects us to firms in 110+ countries who can help provide local, international insight.

You’ll have access to local-time expertise for the international areas in which you operate so you can confront challenges any time they arise. As solutions evolve, you’ll receive recommendations and knowledge transfers so your teams can identify risks and opportunities earlier.


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