Barrel ERP

To support a growing brewery, it’s crucial to have processes and systems in place that provide immediate access to data across your organization.

Powered by NetSuite, our proprietary enterprise resource planning (ERP) system allows you to manage your brewery’s business data in real time across multiple departments and locations. Barrel ERP offers you visibility into all your main business functions and can be viewed from any device, allowing you to automate key operations. This essential business management system can create measurable value, helping your business operate more effectively and efficiently as your brewery grows.

One Complete Solution

Barrel ERP connects all members of your team to essential business and operational data with real-time updates.


Every aspect of your core business can be assessed including real-time return on investment analysis and demand planning for sales and marketing, accounting for accounts receivable and payable, lot control and tracking, flavor monitoring and management, tank monitoring, automated purchasing based on demand levels, and much more.

Impact and Results

See how Barrel ERP is transforming a California brewery and helping expand their operations.

Barrel ERP and NetSuite can also have a positive impact on these management areas.


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