FedRAMP Compliance

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides a standard approach to securing cloud services for federal agencies. Cloud service providers (CSPs) can leverage FedRAMP to conduct business with federal agencies as part of the government’s cloud-first strategy.

This framework allows for a do-once, use-many-times approach that helps streamline government cloud service procurement.

FedRAMP requires an independent assessment by an accredited Third-Party Assessor Organization (3PAO).

How We Help CSPs

As an accredited 3PAO, we can help by providing the following.

Readiness Services

Preparing for a FedRAMP assessment requires document completion and control implementation. Multiple forms are required in the application process, but preparing them correctly the first time can accelerate the process.

We can help you complete all documents needed to proceed through the FedRAMP process. To help with control implementation, we assess gaps and help develop implementation strategies and project plans.

Readiness Assessment Reports

FedRAMP Accelerated helps cloud companies get through the FedRAMP process quickly. Part of the Accelerated program includes completing a capabilities assessment and capturing and reporting the results in the readiness assessment report.

3PAO Assessments

Whether pursuing an agency authorization or Joint Authorization Board approval, an assessment must be completed. As an accredited 3PAO, we can complete an assessment and help you through the certification process.

Penetration Testing

FedRAMP assessments require the completion of a penetration test.

Our experienced security engineers have expertise in vulnerability analysis, ethical hacking, web application security, social engineering tests, and physical security assessments.

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