SOC Webcast Series

Many service organizations depend on the integrity of their control environment to protect their business and customers. With new technologies being implemented frequently and the increasing prevalence of third-party vendors, that integrity is more complicated to secure.

Conducting a system and organization control (SOC) audit helps make sure internal controls are in place and operating effectively, while providing feedback that’s both independent and actionable. SOC audits are being increasingly requested as part of doing business, including by financial statement auditors who use them to reduce audit procedures.

Our on-demand webcasts cover the basics on each type of report, which report type is right for your business, how to prepare for the examination, and more.


Which SOC Report is Right for Your Organization?

Discover what a SOC report is, which report is right for your organization, and best practices to conduct a SOC engagement.


How to Select the Right SOC Report for Your Organization

Learn about the differences between each SOC report, their use cases, and how to determine which one is right for you.


How a SOC Readiness Assessment Can Help You Prepare for an Examination

Readiness assessments can help your organization best prepare for SOC compliance. Watch our video to better understand the scope and purpose of the readiness assessment, the benefits, and how it can support your organization as you prepare for a SOC examination.


Assess Your Internal Controls with a SOC 1 Examination

Learn how a SOC 1 report can provide user entities some assurance their financial information is being securely handled.


Address Your Customer’s Third-Party Security Concerns with a SOC 2 Report

Learn the fundamentals of SOC 2 in contrast to SOC 3 and best practices to alleviate challenges when getting an examination.


SOC 2 Criteria and Examination Process

Explore how SOC 2 examinations emphasize system reliability by measuring the effectiveness of internal controls.


Protect Your Organization’s Data with SOC 2, HIPAA, and HITRUST

Learn how a SOC 2 report can help your health care organization protect highly confidential patient data.


The Benefits of a SOC for Supply Chain Report

Learn who should consider pursuing a SOC for Supply Chain report and how it can help mitigate risk for your operations.


Mitigate Risk and Protect Data with a SOC for Cybersecurity Report

Learn how SOC for Cybersecurity reports can give management a clear look into how your company’s data is being protected.