EHR Internal Controls

Your EHR system is only as strong as the processes and procedures you’ve put in place around it. For example, is your providers’ use of copy-paste functionality introducing coding errors and inappropriate reimbursement claims? With Medicare’s 60-day refund rule and the stringent penalties it imposes, the risks of loose EHR processes and procedures are simply too great to ignore.

Our health care consultants can help, working closely with your EHR stakeholders to test controls, identify risk areas, and validate documentation of processes and procedures—all while taking into account meaningful use and IT security. Our solutions include:

System Assessment

To capture valuable insights and identify areas for improvement, we evaluate key areas of potential concern, including authorship integrity, auditing integrity, documentation integrity, and patient identification and demographics.

System Optimization and Workflow Design

Each EHR system is uniquely designed to meet the needs of an organization. Our consultants have extensive experience working with many of these systems and are trained to identify and evaluate the characteristics of each so that our recommendations are tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Common issues we can help you solve include:

  • Work queue edit review and structure. Are work queues being utilized to their fullest potential?
  • Provider template review. Are your templates in compliance with existing regulations?
  • Charge capture assurance. Are all charges that are expected to be billed actually captured?

Our goal is to help you reduce your organization’s risk and increase efficiency and accuracy in your EHR system.

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